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I have always understood that there is a greater need in my expression to tell the world what I am looking for. Where no thoughts travel I always will be passionate to explore its shore. A search to know more made the knowledge I seek, a total devotion to the… Read More
God's creation is the best creation but Yahweh added to that. Then in the end we, God and I looked toward the end as Yahweh's creation was debunked and saw how bland the truth was so God raised Yahweh's story to that of a prophecy and it had all taken… Read More

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September 28, 2018

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If Only... Child's loss of father Read More

Tags: loss, god, grief, daddy, mommy

An invalid get help from God with evil. Read More
What if your god died? Abandonment can be lonely... Read More
Interdemensional aliens are worshipped as gods by the people of earth in the far future. Read More
The second chapter of a continuous story line, this latest installment chronicles the events detailing the fall of humankind. In this portion, Seraphim attempts to thwart Zendar's efforts to corrupt the newest creation as he visits his former friend in his new residence. Read More
The prophesy of the man in God form who tried to lift the consciousness of man to heaven as his consciousness was being lifted. Still on earth he grows to become a full fledged God when he is glorified in the history of God as he has always been,… Read More
It was the year 4020, after the great battle of humanity has ended. Earth was set almost devoid of beings. With mother nature taking back it's claim. The lands were bounteous of resources of life. A wanderer named Rahul, a male of age 146, was wandering atop some hilly… Read More
Though both opposites there is light in both of the divine realms. One for joy and enlightenment. The other blinding and searing from the fires. Read More
A poem about my relationship with God. Read More
Cheers to life! Read More

Tags: god, life, sea, deceit, ocean

The answer to the second coming and the antithesis to all divine. Read More
The Manifestation of The Father God Read More
The curiosity to know about the existence of Creator of this universe is a common enigma that not only atheists or agnostics have in mind but also those who believe in a religion. Read More
Hope is good; probably the best of things: no good thing ever dies (copied). Read More
Nazariaus is unsure about his destiny. He is unsure about bringing his children into a fight that does not belong to them. He doesn't want to leave his wife and daughter behind but what to do when God calls you to fight the ultimate battle between Good and evil...… Read More
Some people find it very confusing when they read the bible, and don't understand what it is actually saying. I decided to check the Hebrew bible; and to see what it is actually telling us. I've added my own comments. Read More
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