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She’d tracked Desponia for a century, but now the Stygian witches lay rotting in the sun at the underworld’s entrance, and she need not think of returning the eye. Zeus will seek his revenge for the witches. My days are numbered, but my revenge is at hand. Read More

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Luminita tugged one of his ears, then tried her courage. "Do as I say, you...you...absurd thing!" To which Onyx only yawned and panted a little. "Take care not to overexcite him, Luminita. Let us walk in the woods together, just the three of us. Later we'll introduce Onyx to our… Read More

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"This is well written, descriptive and evocative imagery. Original while preserving classic elements." Read More

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February 07, 2022

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Down fell Desponia, landing in a seated position on the drunkard’s chest, then rolling her hips forward to muffle his cries with her crotch. She threw her head back and laughed while Dracula plucked pieces of straw from her hair. “Are you trying to speak, drunkard? It would seem so!”… Read More

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The Phantom Queen is a powerful female from Celtic Lore. Read More
There is something about the polar regions that have drawn people ever since they were first discovered. Now you would think that it was relatively safe to venture beyond the arctic circle with modern equipment and technology. When old ways meet new though and cultures clash the outcome can be… Read More

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May 25, 2021

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The gods are only human. | Hestia is known as the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, domesticity, family, the home, and the state. She's the first child of Cronus and Rhea, and the eldest of the first set of Olympian siblings. She's usually non-confrontational and level-headed, and therefore adored… Read More

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April 24, 2021

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For Ekua and Nkechi Cover from Pixabay Read More

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Serena goes to a new boarding school in Hawaii. She meets her roommate and decides to check out why they can't go out at night when they get a quest from a bizarre girl with fox ears and a tail. Read More
An art therapist journey's to find the Goddess Brigid. Read More

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Empowered by divine revelation, concerning the nature of reality, Lucy leaves the safety of Haven in order to help a friend... and continue the war against patriarchy, on behalf of the Goddess. https://goddessinreallife.wordpress.com/ Read More
Journalist, Melanie Rainer, investigates a strange community in Cornwall, but soon finds herself falling under its spell. Is it a cult, or the birth of a new world order? https://goddessinreallife.wordpress.com/ Read More
A group of young women become spiritually awakened through an initiation. Read More
The story of how Frank Carter transformed his relationship with God through an understanding of the spiritual nature and purpose of gender, and by recognising the feminine Source of all life, on all planes of existence. https://goddessinreallife.wordpress.com/ Read More

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A teenage girl believes she knows what Armageddon is really all about... and is in a hurry to choose sides. (It’s actually a chapter, but I felt that it stands alone as a short story). https://goddessinreallife.wordpress.com/ Read More
https://goddessinreallife.wordpress.com/ Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

February 11, 2020

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For the epitome of love . . . Happy Reading :) Read More

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Ela, a goddess, lives normally. For about 5 seconds. Read More
Fallon Buchanan has her entire life planned once she turns eighteen. Move out of her wretched aunt's house, attend college far away from her suffocating town, and make a quiet life of herself. Never did she think of her estranged father, until three beautifully dangerous goddesses enter her life and… Read More
a poem dedicated to the greek goddess Demeter, whom i honour daily. Read More
“You did what?!” His thundering voice sliced through the deadly silence, resounding bass causing the corners of the cavern to tremble. Eyes flew upward, hearts skipped a thousand beat and limbs trembled, the sound of thunder trapping every soul that lurked within. She had put her hands in blood and… Read More

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Persephone and Hades' story is one of my favourites in Greek Mythology, and I just had to write something for her. Cover art © by Alexandria Huntington Read More

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Luna Renaud has always been the shy, quiet girl. After a few years of working for a magazine company, she grew bored and started to feel completely alone after the passing of her father followed a couple years later by the passing of her precious grandmother. After an unexpected change… Read More
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