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Kat Galileo, Ash Martin, Lea Louis, and Daniel Landel are just four of the seven kids chosen to hold onto a god or goddesses possession. However, they're not your typical teenagers. In Were-World's, such as Orabeth, you wave Were-cats and Were-dogs. Hidden from the rest of the world, the Were-Worlds'… Read More
A story that follows two heroes, Mutt and Moon, and their journey to save the world, and to find the meaning of their love. When the Greek gods and goddesses start planning a war they're world is thrown into jepordy. But it wasn't until a reincarnated queen with a thirst… Read More

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December 03, 2018

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The Poetry House

My luck has been dreadful for a long, long time. TIme to reach out to other sources for help. Read More

Book / Romance

November 09, 2018

Let's go back to the years before Christ, back to ancient Greece of a take where there was more than one God or Goddess and their frivoulus behaviour when it came to love. This behaviour mirrored the behaviours of mankind and in particular one man; Adrastos. A young man with… Read More
*Aka, Alpha Theory: Chaos Seeds (AT:CS, AT;SoC) Logan once had a previous life, more than 3000 generations ago, but the war between the Alpha Circul and the Hydra stole it from his grasp. As a dead man, he had no future, that is... until he was reborn.… Read More
A selection of poems based on several Hellenic deities. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

April 15, 2018

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Being a Goddess is not so bad. Having the God that burned down Earth as your granddad was bad. After meeting lots of new magical creatures and a handsome God, the God Hades showed himself. He wants something he can't have, but will not hesitate to use Panacea as… Read More
This is an exciting and adventurous romp through a fantasy world full of laughter and insanity. Read More

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Being a secret twin sister of Athena was never easy. I was kicked off of Mount Olympus then hunted by my sister ever since she decided that she must stay in the spotlight of the mortals and be daddy's precious favorite. Oh well though. Read More
This is part 3 to the original sorry its mixed up i am writing it on my phone in my spare time so i really do not care what you think i am merely writing it down,,,still a interesting read Read More
Harmony Townsend is no an ordinary teenager. She is the Grecian Goddess Harmonia reborn on earth as part of a decree set forth by her father, Zeus, King of the Gods. Harmonia is the Goddess of Justice and Harmony, who is reborn with her twin sister, Eris, the Goddess of… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

April 16, 2015

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A simple man goes through a short, unimaginable journey to visit the Gods. Read More
The story takes place when a boy named Fujisaki Hiroto comes and visit Japan where he will celebrate his 18th birthday this coming Christmas as his parents planned not knowing that he was about to meet the Winter Goddess who save his life 11 years ago and will claim him… Read More
ADULT CONTENT! It contains murder (which I do not deem wise in real life) and sex (which is perfectly okay in real life). Hundreds of years ago there was a terrible war between the two most powerful goddesses in the Underdark. Lolth-the Spider Queen-and Shriae-the Assassin Goddess, or Silent Dancer.… Read More
Hinduism is a major religion of the world. The Hindus worship many Gods & Goddesses in the form of idols and pictures. Unfortunately, even though the Hindu deities are worshipped with much love and devotion, they are dishonoured at every moment somewhere or the other. This happens when (1) the… Read More
We’ve all heard of the fabled perfect being, the Greek God. Well, how about a geek god? Named Bernie, yet. Fresh with his diploma from God School, determined but unsure, bright but without confidence, Bernie faces the challenge of building his own universe. If only it were that easy... An… Read More
This is the Greek Mythology i'm talking about, lol! I had to write a ten-page short story about a Greek God, or a made up one. Most Greek Mythology Stories explain why we do what we do in our society. For example, we have weather because of Zeus. We have… Read More
As a plague spreads over Egypt, Neferure’s feline kind are the first to endure the fatal consequences. Ramses III, Egypt’s last great pharaoh, has saved the empire from countless incursions, but after many wars the kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. Labour strife, shifting allegiances, and now this deadly… Read More
Alex has always known something wasn't right. She loves her family but there seems to be something that she doesn't know. It's like she doesn't fit in anymore with the people around her. Mysterious events keep happening around her and when her friends decide to take a trip to their… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 13, 2014

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I've submitted different versions of this under different names But I'm proud if this one. Tell me what you think. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 04, 2013

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We are not the only type of human... Some can control certain elements. Follow the story of a group of the Elementals who are trying to save their Gods and Goddesses from crumbling. **First novel I've ever written** Read More
This is R for later scenes. … One boy. One Fallen Queen. Two Fates. Two Destinies intertwined. A Forbidden Love. One whole Lifetime. … The World of Shadows and World of Light. The two coexisting Worlds. Without one, the other can not survive, for their cores are intertwined. To Earth,… Read More
She was a soldier of the Gods. She fought for her friends, her comrades, her Goddess. Seeking to gain control of a vulnerable Arcadia, they attacked hard and fast. Demons, Vampyres, and more came onto the army of the God and Goddess and slaughtered their weakened forces. Some fled, many… Read More
The first in a trilogy about demigods in the modern world who must save the Olympians. In this one, the fifteen heroes are sent to retrieve objects so powerful that even the gods fear them. Read More
A fantasy style series based around Greek mythology, Athena's descendants is the new Harry Potter ft. Percy Jackson. Quests, monsters and confusing mystery must be overtaken in this thrilling series following twelve ring bearers as they try to fill their destiny as protectors of Olympus and save the earth from… Read More
a myth about how earthquakes are made Read More

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WARNING: course language and strong sexual content Charon has lived a life of death. Literally. Being the ferryman who aids souls across the River Styx is basically just the same everyday. Pick up spirit, row to whichever layer of hell it's headed to, drop it off and row back. And… Read More
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