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This stuff is just random scenes and whatnot written while I was supposed to work on Decay Of Souls.. It's all 0 draft material, which means I haven't even re-read the stuff here yet, let alone started any sort of editing or rewriting, all that to say: don't expect decent… Read More
12 Centuries ago, a war broke out between the four elemental gods. The only thing that can bring peace and order to their world is the crowns that were lost so long ago. Zeus and his siblings fought back against their awful father. In the aftermath of the battle Zeus,… Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

As all the stars aligned and the day of Obliviscatur was upon the world of Terra, a child was destined by the Zodiac Librae. Little did this child know how much meaning his life meant upon the fate of the world. As a darkness unleashes and frees Ophiuchus and Cetus,… Read More
The lands are burning in misery, drowning in tears. My name is Mihu. I was a peasant farmer, in the years long since passed. In the times long since gone by. I was taken from my home, back when I was alive. I ascended into godhood when I died. But… Read More
Tuli is a novella prequel introduction to upcoming Trilogy: The Three Sisters. Read More
They exist because we believe. Or is it the other way around? Read More
I watch over her. I feel her pain with her. I feel all the many injustices done to her. And I wish I could intervene. I wish I could intervene but ever since my powers became depleted, this is all I can do. The child is away from her true… Read More
Desperate to be reunited with her lover, Semantia will do anything, even if it means and unfair deal with a god. Read More
The birth of man...and the birth of fear in the ancient gods. Read More
My friend had this great idea about how everything in the X-Men/Marvel Universe was actually being controlled by the greatest telepath of all time: Professor Charles Xavier. What would lead one man down a path to where they would sacrifice loved ones? What could make one mind be so treacherous… Read More
A compilation of the myths I am writing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about the concerns of all, and if we we're to live inmortal Read More

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Time and truth Read More

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The good of you lies in your heart and so does your soulmate. Read More

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The Review Chain House

A mysterious traveler, in search of something connected to their past, enters a nobleman's gala showcasing a number of fantastical artifacts from all corners of the world of Pathos. Read More
A dark fantasy short story featuring a commander in The Simachian Empire. He makes demands of his god. Instead, he receives new orders. Orders that could change everything. Read More
Emerald is a young woman being chased by some big-time god. For a year, she's been chased by this god without knowing why. When she falls in love with a sea-side village, she has to make a choice. Leave the village for ruins, or save what's there with hope for… Read More

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The Writers' Tree House House

Sequel to The Peace of Dawn Read More

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Short Story / Fantasy

February 24, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

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The Fantasy Realm House

FIRST TWO CHAPTERS ARE EDIT AND BETTER 1/6/23 THIS BOOK IS IN EDIT MODE 12/15/22 During the time of starvation, a couple loses a child to miscarriage, only to find a new bundle of joy in the forest. Will this get them hung? A world full of discrimination. The protagonist… Read More

Featured Review by Damon Nomad

"Strong opening, nicely written." Read More

He died by being burn alive by his loved ones he only wish that they will change, wish that he will be loved, wish of a happiness however, wish is only a wish that it won't come true. his hope turn into debris as it become part of the dirt… Read More
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