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Book / Fantasy

February 27, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the tale of histories first assassin Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 17, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Athena had a daughter named Cora. Cora was raised as a human until she aged twenty-three. When the oracle Delphi spoke a prophecy, gods and goddesses found out about her existence and title; the Goddess of War. Zeus and Hades both wanted Cora to marry their sons. Love and… Read More
Dream not, ye dreamers, the God of Spades... Read More
A short story of who or what were the Meassér, why were they sent to earth. Who were Maldor and Silnór mentioned from the Legend of the Mage and the Faery? Read More
A strange man lives in an old forest called Ríornathnír where all mystical creatures are free to roam and away from humans. Read More
The moon covers the sun whole and in the darkness monsters rise. To survive, three people with three different perspectives of the event will have to work together but for one of them a dark path is about to begin for him. Read More
There are no official summary, yet, but basically it's a bunch of idiots going on a quest to kill the villain who is standing next to them. Read More
The disgusting depths some witches will go to, to be one with their Satanic masters. Read More
Who wouldn't want to dabble in the sexual acts of necrophilia?? Read More
A sinister scene of what some sickening human do to orgasm. Read More
A Penta-Tale about what happens to your young when they go missing...They become supper Read More
slowly forgotten outcast, whether it be school, home, or even just the world. grayson brink fits the description. all his life not knowing where he's come from, who his parents even are, all he knows is he's not wanted. but, little does he know that he's about to be… Read More
The god of light, Ratoscus and the god of darkness, Tuuxig brawl it out in the heart of Tal'icoma. What side will win? Will Jarod, Johnson, Mavrick and Howard be able to help Ratoscus . Find out in the second part of The War of Twin Gods. If you… Read More

Short Story / Other

November 11, 2017

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The The Imaginarium House

A father and his young son discuss the vast wisdom and knowledge of God. Read More

Book / Horror

August 02, 2017

After helping a seemensly old woman in the middle of Shibuya, Haruhi was first asked to help find her phone in the sewers, but suddenly has to chase after her friend Kazue and save her from a ritual, she gets outside but she is suddenly killed by a hooded figure,… Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 31, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

This story talks about the many hardships that "Elizabeth Lockwood " encounters in her quest to find her origins. Love, betrayal ,fantasy , supernatural .... what will happen to Elizabeth? What is her true identity ? Where does her power come from? And who are her true parents? Read More
Lovecraft inspired poem Read More
From mythology, I got the idea for this poem. Read More

Tags: beauty, gods, armour

Follow the line in the story to find out from where it was that life on planet really originated. Discover the secular reason with proof found in the historical details instructing us as to why it is that we should adamantly reject the entire theory of evolution and Darwin's Origin… Read More
A small story I wrote for my language arts class in ninth grade. I had to create my own god and story. Read More

Tags: greek, gods, rose, bushes

the idea of this poem came to me after reading some mythology Read More
This is an exciting and adventurous romp through a fantasy world full of laughter and insanity. Read More

Tags: gods, goddesses, otg

When an ancient threat arises once more, a disparate group of young teenagers must find the power locked deep inside each of them save the world Read More

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The CLOG House

BOOK BLURB: A rather incompetent junior god and his beautiful minder; a bad tempered, cantankerous crow, and a psychopomp with a troubled past – why would anyone put the fate of the planet in the hands of this motley crew? The Dux Shrevas may just be having second thoughts. WE… Read More
Erasmos, a strong warrior in Greece was in love with Athena, the goddess of war. However, they were broke apart by Poseidon... Read More
(A vision I had). Read More
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