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Sometimes people trust goblins. They really shouldn't. Read More

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[Magnus Turner Book 1] Myths are real. The Loch Ness Monster. Hippogriffs. Kitsunes. Vampires. Dragons. even the Grim Reaper... When the dimension holding these mythical creatures is too war-torn to be inhabitable, The Grim Reaper opens his gateway to Earth's Reality. The creatures use it as a gateway-- but the… Read More
Two men lie adrift at sea, castaway in the search for one's future, and the other in search of his past. When they drift to a land of perpetual darkness designed as an elaborate labyrinth, they begin to realize that they've stumbled upon the path toward what they each seek,… Read More
This story revolves around the young protagonist Valkyrie Daeben, the Elven daughter of a powerful Priestess. Will this next-in-line stand to order, or find her own way? Read More
A cruise ship, the ocean, all of which are happy and relaxing things. Although, what if we can get too much of a good thing? Our heroine, Alison Lucille, falls off the ship into a trip into the mind, and perhaps an island with a monster on it. This is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I have this story on my other account, just making it a novel. Read More
Cryhaca, Jenim, Wonecho and Gorwon. These are the four immortals of Ponrus, each has a duty to protect. Their powers are rumoured to have been sealed away, yet someone has released them once again. Now the two tribes, the Uro and the Gerd, are in a battle to try and… Read More
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