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Garage gang finds themselves in the winter nights, hoping for something better. Read More
In the town, on the skyline, through the trees, under over passes, on a stream, through the tunnel and on to the starbelt. Read More
A tale of American youth trampled by heavy sedated marketers cloaked in sable with out a care to the inevidabilty of death nor existence. A journey through adolecents and what it is to be a young, bumming boozehound with a place to lay your head. A glimpse into my third… Read More
For Hunter S. Thompson. Whatever crazy drug-induced world he's in. Read More
Dean Knight is a fresh off the mill stoner high school graduate in this classic american tale. After a short stint in Oregon he finds himelf back at his moms house in high times. He takes a job that gets takes him out of his mind and into an entire… Read More
The story a dream spun into a dark and mind-sweating flash fiction. Read More

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