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In the year 2025, the world gave in to their sins and desires. The ruler of Hell Lord Raphael jumped at this opportunity. He sent his demon army to persuade and corrupt the human race. The angels tried to stop this by declaring war on the demons, but they eventually… Read More
"Then, I hope all of you fall into the fires of Hell!." Jaelyn didn't know it at the time, but this fight would be the gravest mistake of her life as it allowed for the angel of death to be reborn. Soon, Jaelyn discovers that this fallen angel is on… Read More
After an unexpected visit from the last of the druids, Philomena discovers that she has the power to stop an infection-like curse of corruption that will destroy their world. Will she defeat it before the corruption transforms her home into a living nightmare? Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 25, 2020

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The Review Chain House

Nix is a small girl from the planet Tectran, home to the solar system's greatest warriors. West is a servant to Her Royal Evilness, conqueror of the solar system Josipe. Quill is the ruler of the Josipe, and the most merciless mage the universe had ever seen. When Tectran falls… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Seven teenagers. Three survivors. One prophecy. Long ago, the elites of the kingdom of Crystallea created the Rosewood Academy to train the children to protect themselves and the land from horrid monsters called Evils. It was prophesied that seven students from academy will defeat the ancient evil that has plagued… Read More
Argdel has chosen between love and family. Now she has to face the consequences of said decision. Can Argdel survive the wrath of her powerful and highly vengeful grandmother, Eriagda, and her brother? Read More
Erikon and Argdel consummate their love in the most personal way possible and Erikon feels as though he were on top of the world, that is until Argdel reveals a secret that crushes all his dreams. She tells him this startling news all in the name of true love… Read More
What happens when the Villain loses to the Hero? What happens when the Villain chooses to lose? What happens when the Hero feels pity? Read More
Victir comes across something strange on the road one night as he's driving home. Strange things begin to happen to him after this bizarre encounter, things that he can't explain to anyone. To make matters worse what is happening to him is connected to someone he cares dearly for and… Read More
What happens when the villain is no different from the hero? Read More
Stefae's world has been turned upside down and she's trying to find ways to deal with what she's lost. Can she find a way to piece back together her shattered world? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Welcome to Team Heroes. An organisation built by Vigilantes from all over the universe fighting back against evil that lurkes in the shadows terrorizing everyone in the worst ways possible! Follow the achievements; losses; greatness; and pain brought to these beings as they put aside their lives to help those… Read More
For a while now Monikar Hygmortas has been dealing with some strange new abilities that she can't explain, and part of her is afraid of having. One night she witnesses a murder that opens up her mind to seeing a whole different side of the world she lives in. Monikar's… Read More
In another world, one that is similar to ours (only slightly different), Simkal Kaenyr is a regular teenage girl; she's a cheerleader, dating the quarterback of the football team, and is best friends with the richest girl in school. Life for her seems to be great, until something strange starts… Read More
The school of El-Thorendale is on what is known as their Winter Break as Claudiel finally makes her grand appearance in town. She makes herself known to Simkal, Erikon, and Stefae. Claudiel breaks all the rules and reveals herself to be truly special. Argdel gets new orders from her grandmother,… Read More
After the tragedy of losing an innocent, not just any innocent but her best friends' boyfriend, and having her catatonic best friend Monikar leave town, Simkal suffers from feelings of being a failure in her calling to save innocents. At the same time a new evil comes to town. Argdel… Read More
When a girl comes into contact with the world again after being caged, she finds new power and strength in friends. Her journey to stop the queen from using people as weapons is a long and bumpy one, but it's just getting started. Read More
Simkal Kaenyr is becoming more comfortable with the development of her new life. Behind the scenes a vengeful Vandabag (one of the several types of vampires in their world) is plotting the Bakol and her friends' demise. A new ally comes to the rescue, one that is very powerful. Erikon… Read More

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