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Mr. Pickle helps all the other pickles in his community, but he still feels as though he has no friends. He finds out that he, in fact, has plenty of friends when they decided to do something special for him. Read More
When you think of good and bad, what is the first thing that you think of? Light vs. darkness? Good vs. evil? Heaven vs. Hell? God vs. Satan? Our life is filled with opportunities where we choose whether to be good or bad. At times, these lines may become blurred… Read More
We are warring against our sinful nature. As a result it can be very easy to start doing a good thing with pure motives and then drift over to selfish motives. Read More
This is based off a story in English class, in the 11th grade. It comes from a story we read in the infamous "Lit" book, written by Walter Mitty. I'm not gonna say what story I read, only because it might make you research the author to find out what… Read More
I know people who think they are on the past to being righteouss just because they haven't killed anybody. Sure you might not steal or get a speeding ticket, but that isn't going to save you. Don't get me wrong, it is important to follow the rules set before us… Read More
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