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* The Elemental Tales series: Book 1 CONTENT AND/OR TRIGGER WARNING: Small amounts of blood and violence. * Valerie Luck has always been satisfied with her life, even when she had to move from New York to Paris with her family. She had everything she needed, but, everything changes when… Read More
evil has corrupted our world for generations. most people don't even notice. i walk the streets of all the nearby towns watching as criminals and even the regular people harass each other. whats worse is those who have sworn to protect us have done just the opposite. they extort the… Read More

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February 23, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This is about how everyone even myself , are fighting against something inside of us. A little monster who we try to hide and fight against. Read More
Where Good and Evil beings wage war with each other in an epic battle that has been going on for all time. This other world has always been hidden from the humans but every once in a while an accident happens and a see'er is born. Milly has always thought… Read More
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