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((This was released in several posts over a couple days, hence the " ... " ellipses separating sections. Those were individual posts, but I put them together up here, and I'll knit them together later to form something less forum patterned and more reader-friendly. The rest are a few snippets… Read More

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January 26, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A truthful opinion about a 13 year british life of the new labour years from a dedicated passionate member. Read More
Lewis and Gordon are at the same funeral. Their history is renown and their conversation is of the the greatest importance; but what will the outcome be? Read More
Spencer feels like she's been in hell in back. Her family dies from a fire, and she is sent to her uncle, then she discovers that her whole family is vampires. Like can't get any better, until she is shipped again to a vampire boarding school. Read More
Gordon wakes up to find himself on a completely different planet to where he fell asleep, and to make things worse, there is no-one around to talk to, no-one to help him survive in a place where everything is out to get him. Or so he thinks. From the moment… Read More
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