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I am from Where I am from, a country of thousands hills The small country, in great lakes region Where Nile and history to teach world is rooted Where every one wake up to the sound of roasters In the dawn to start a new day. … Read More

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Rwanda is a beautiful country in the heart of Africa, a hilly nation with beautiful landscape and climate. a country of clean interesting culture and people whose are always smiling even if the genocide against Tutsi 1994 affected them in many ways, they dared to rebuilding their nation and… Read More

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The thoughts of a gorilla as he looks at a boy. Read More
A little something I wrote just for fun.. Read More

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A short story inspired by the gorilla's escape at London Zoo. Read More
Gwandoya, a young african boy stumbles upon a newborn gorilla whilst hunting near his village. Set within a Uganda torn by civil war, the boy learns about the truths of war and of himself through his interactions with his new found friend (Final blurb to be published when book is… Read More
Andrew Clifton, a sly sleuth private eye who owned the "Andrew Clifton Detective Agency" from 1920-1949, is called upon to a new case by a slut in a coffee shop. This takes place in Fall of 1926. Read More
So bassically, this is another home work assingment, and was sick and tired of trying to write persuasive essays that really move you, so, I just said "what the heck!" and went with something about duct tape! Try to enjoy! Read More

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This is based on a true story. My friend was at the zoo and seriously thought a gorilla had gotten loose. Read More

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September 13, 2008

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Home alone with nothing else to do Poor caveman first he makes a fool of himself at the cocktail party, crashes the Bar Mitzvah and now he gets caught pleasuring himself. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 04, 2008

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Childhood memories at the zoo. DO YOU REMEMBER???? Read More
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