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An indirect sequence for Gossip Girl...because what's life without Gossip GIrl? Privileged teenagers living in Las Vegas, thought their lives were easy, you know because of money and family. But boy were they wrong? They are now experiencing a little gift called life. And in life, you gotta make some… Read More

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For a couple of months, I've been having thoughts on my head that I needed to get out. Read More
Serena starts her new day at Constance Billiard hoping to quickly make her way to the top. Once she's there, the reigning queen, Blair Waldorf makes it clear to her that it isn't going to happen. Read More
A mix of the clique series and gossip girl..... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alexis Greene has always been known to get herself into trouble. From long hangovers to speeding tickets, Alexis gets it all. Chelsea, her best friend since freshman year, does her best to keep Alexis up and going. But when Aimee, a complete lier, moves to New York City with them,… Read More
Yeah so this is for another site and I'm only posting it here because there was an error there. Bummer bummer I know right. Yeah but if you like it, please SAY SO Read More
When Lee exchanged his home in England for an appartment in Brooklyn, NY he exactly knew what he was searching for. But sometimes things just aren't what you imagined, and apparently not everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (it needs some editing and there are still quite a… Read More
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