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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story of what might have happened in the deep south in the year 2019. Some might think it has an X-Files feel to it. Well, i don't think Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files reads stuff off Booksie. Read More

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We are fed what they want to feed us. True or false? Read More
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This eassy, is about the ills of democracy, not because democracy it bad but because the people at the stage of leadership has turn democracy into another thing, right now in this present generation, the name democracy is accepted in every continent if not mistaken but there is no pratical… Read More
So one Californian (a proud hippie, as she says) decided to argue that she voted for Clinton because she wanted to "f-ck the government and help the people." Clinton. For people. HAH! Here's my article responding to that... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My thoughts on creating a tax payer oversight committee in the American government. They only are able to wage unjust wars because we continue to support them with our tax dollars. This needs to STOP! And, only we hold the power. Read More
hi all. our climate in general is crashing. in last few years so many news reports on cities and countries around the world, having floods, electrical issues, pipe issues, building falling to the ground, lives are finding there ill a lot more, and weather changes are outrageous all over the… Read More

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A proposal to our Federal Representatives of the 116th Congress, to be ratified in lieu of H. Res 179, proposed by Congressman Schiff this week. Rather than ratify Pharma profits, I propose America fund the health of her citizens. Read More
I agree with the SPLC "For the sake of the children and their education, presidential candidates should begin modeling the kind of civil behavior and civic values that we all want children to learn in school. Barring such a change in tone, however, teachers and school administrators will face an… Read More

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The year is 2140. The world of Helius has been at peace for 40 years since the end of the Media Wars and the corporation of Helios along with the first nations of the world form a single world government. Major Aryia Xavius is the only daughter of the Grand… Read More
What is going on with our country today. From the government to the people themselves. even to sports. Read More
This is a story about a man that stumbled upon something that is buried underneath his own property. The consequences of his finding will rob him of his life. The actions of this will affect the lives of others following the incident that happened in Michigan during one winter year. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Expectedly, my friend froze in fear. Me? Instincts took over. The well-built man probably wasn’t expecting any resistance from a bunch of teens, so he displayed a sight of shock and horror as he observed his weapons get knocked out of his hand from throwing knives, falling on the floor… Read More
When Jabin finds out the love of his life is working for the government, he has to find a way to save Judith, his love. Follow the story through the mind of Judith. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A time in the future of mankind when world peace is paid for by those who desire it. But this story is not about peace, it is about something much more important. Read More
Download a FREE copy of my e-book RESTORE TRUST - ends Sunday, April 7, midnight: Read More
Hiding is obviously the easiest route when you're labeled a parasite. Even more does it seem when discovered that you're actually the saving grace. While The Council leads a propaganda campaign about a cure, Mela Chasers scour the lands for people of color in hopes of pillaging their melanin. Young… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Moon and the Shadow is a book based on true life story, combinations of real life experiences and imagined aspect of the writer's work and relationships. It's not the conventional love stories you are familiar with, it's how ordinary connections become an eternal fellowship. It's a story you… Read More
When Eleanor Ashe turns 17 she begins developing unnatural powers. She is afraid to tell her government-working father, as he is a patriot to the law, and does not accept anything that is out of the ordinary. Soon after she discovers her abilities, she is framed for a crime… Read More
After the trees started to be used unneeded ly, the environment itself started to collapse. Everyone was moved into a dome that covered almost all of the earth. This dome had artificial oxygen and was the only way they could stay alive. The emperor discovered that there… Read More
Mind-control experimentation conducted by United States intelligence services appears to have begun around the time of World War II. Prior to World War II, the Office of Strategic Services set up a "truth drug" committee that experimented with the effects of mescaline, various barbiturates, and scopolamine on humans before… Read More
Maxwell Carter was just a normal New York kid. A little rich, but still normal. Then Thomas Wread attacks him. Having taken Max, he recruits the shocked boy into spying on the government through a secret method, caused by experimentation, FLICKER. Introduced into the rebellion, Max learns about the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Is there anything better than putting the world on a pedestal, taking about the in's and out's of modern day society and how screwed up and selfish it has become. Read More

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