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Emma Carthway is a graduated senior on the run. Memories of the recent past and long ago occupy her on this cold, dark night. Thoughts of her relationship with best friend and secret love interest, Oliver Moore, is constantly with her on her journey. Was this really a good decision?… Read More
I wrote this poem right before I graduated high school, I got it published in my high school literary magazine, so none of the underclassmen I was friends with could think that I would ever forget them or my high school. Read More
Axel and Demyx are about to graduate from highschool and they both want one thing. For the person they love to know that they love them. Both boys just want somebody to love them. This will only be a few chapters like 2 or 3 and in the last 2… Read More
It's just the first page in what I hope to be a short fifty-one page short story. I'm looking for obvious oops and improvements-to-be-made before I write anymore. Read More
What happens when four teenagers of different social statuses go on a roadtrip together after graduation? An alligator episode, a dumpy motel, a church, dressing up as nuns, and more funny and romantic stuff! Read More

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October 08, 2008

Highschool's over and Elizebeth has no idea what she's going to do from now on. When tragedy strikes, however, her choice is made. Really short, I made it for school. Read More

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