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Grandma tells a story and children ask some curious question Read More
With the tenderness of a newborn’s touch, she grasped her husband’s hand with a gentle squeeze, slowly turning her head to meet his. Looking into his eyes with the love of thirty years behind them, her expression betrayed by all her emotions… she sensually offered him in the most… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Who is Isaac? Well, his name is Joseph. I don't know him either. He just showed up one day at the doorstep. Read More
For an assignment in my Stress Management class, we were told to write an alphabet poem about someone we lost. At first, I didn't think I was going to take this assignment seriously, but then I started thinking about my grandma who passed away in 2004. Suddenly, this poem… Read More
Josephine's eighteen year old daughter Emma has come home to her, after having been on the road for several months, only for Jo to find out she is pregnant. Watch Emma's daughter Lucy grow up with her grandmother, with all her triumphs, and troubles solved with the help of… Read More

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A poem about one of the best family members I have ever had. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just a humorous story. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Special memories are made of this! Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 10, 2017

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October winds aren't here to stay.. Read More
Written for a writing group as a kind of challenge. A normal day in the life of an old lady who has her very own view on life and the reason why she doesn't like dogs anymore. Read More

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A man on a pier sees a boy tossing something into the ocean, so he investigates out of curiosity. That investigation lead to a story, that prompted the telling of another story, that ended with this story. Read More
a poem about Grandma and Pit Bull dogs Read More
This is a short story about Mark and his cousin, they are looking for a treasure on a cemetery. Read More
"Hold this packet and your candies Soham, I don't need to explicate further to you I guess", Grandpa ordered eight year old Soham while handling a small parcel packet and some candies for him. Read More
They didn’t have a right to ask me of things when they had stolen away everything. But when they did, I was the biggest, fattest and ugliest liar ever. Life was cruel that way. Read More
My grandmother died in 2010, so I wrote this poem for her funeral. Read More
With experience comes great advice. Having brothers is great. Even when little brothers don't want to be seen with their sister anymore... They offer great advice, protection, laughs and love that no one else could. My eldest brothers advice as I set off for uni was to play music... So… Read More
Children describing their Grandparent's farm & it's animals. Read More
the neighborhood Pit Bull ate grandma's apple pie Read More

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Grandma, a word that can bring so much comfort, and sadly it is often only when you go to call her and tell her of something fantastic or exciting, that you realise (like a punch to the stomach) that she is gone... Read More
Amanda's life is ruined when she is told she will spend the summer with her grandma in Iowa. That means church, gardening, cleaning the attic, and dominos. But after awhile, Amanda begins to realize the important things in life. Read More
Based of an urban legend A daughter and a mother have an huge argument that leads to a surprise at the end Read More
A time spent with my beautiful grandma. Read More

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There is nothing to say about a ghost story, except: Believe what you will. Read More
A teenage boy named Jason embraces problems. He doesn't try to solve them whilst they're still at the point of emerging. However, he begins to struggle to cope, whilst also having his grandma, who he needs to look after. Read More
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