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Poem / Poetry

February 11, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Just recollection. Read More

Tags: love, hugs, granny

Africa is compared to an old granny who is envied by outsiders. Africa has gone through various hardships and all these are awful in the eyes of humans (granny). From the creation of the world, through slavery, colonization, independence and civil war until the constitution change that is en… Read More

Tags: granny, old, envied

A small dedication to my Granny Read More
An old woman supplements her income helping people cross a treacherous river, but some just want a free ride. --- Well, she don't argue with them. Read More
Secondary character Frank acts as a narrator as we read his travel,blog describing his journey through Canada. His travel companions include his best friend, his best friend's wife and his best friend's wife's grandmother. Read More
Part fact, part fiction, a visit to Granny's farm... Read More
Grandma, a word that can bring so much comfort, and sadly it is often only when you go to call her and tell her of something fantastic or exciting, that you realise (like a punch to the stomach) that she is gone... Read More
I live in a flat and I've got crazy neighbor. This is true story.... Read More
A simple sestina written about my grandmother, fondly referred to as "Madser" Read More
This is the poem i wrote the day my Gran died. This was a heard day for me, so i expressed how i felt though this peom. Read More
A short tale to demonstrate the affinity between the young and the old. Read More

Tags: lonely, granny, 999

Five year old Carrie has a piece of foam that her Mom wants to throw away. What will Carrie do! Read to find out! Note: I will do some more chapters soon! This will have about 4-6 chapters! Read More
This sung to the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town. A girl and I wrote it. Read More

Tags: comedy, granny, eggnog

a poem about my pawpaw and granny Read More
please comment and find out what happens when another note turns up and aqua helps an old granny out. lol :) Read More

Tags: man, note, granny, tobi

Poem / Riddles

January 30, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

I would like to clearly state that this is my Grandmother's Poem, hince the name 'Granny's Messed Up Poetry'. This is one of my fav's. My Grandmother diddn't make it up though, her mother told her, and someone must have told her. If you have heard this poem before maybe… Read More
A person can't leave you forever if you don't want them to. They will come back in your memories. This started out as a poem about my grandfather that I loved alot but died a long time ago. I started writing the poem but couldn't stop so I made it… Read More
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