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This is something we did in class, called "note passing," where everyone would start their own story; subject topic was the 1930's Dust Bowl, and what life was like. (narrative, letter, mostly first person) From there we would pass it to another person, then another- after 5 minutes or so-… Read More
I wrote this at the beginning of my Sophomore year, I know it's kind of clear what my opinion is, which really wasn't my goal but I have a tendency to make my feelings known so...just tell me what you think! Read More
This was an assignment in my History class. I had to write a poem about the photo of the Great Depression that you see. Read More
There's no need for the police. There's no need for a P.I. At least there isn't when Maxine Evans and Jim Grady are on the case. Childhood sweethearts who have been solving mysteries for about eleven years have finally met their match. It doesn't matter that they were able to… Read More
Alice Gregory is a teenage girl living in the Great Depression. One day, in the attic of her family'some, she discovers the diary of Mildred Wilcox. She reads the 150 year old diary and is intrigued to find a relationship between Mildred and George Washington. Read More
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