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Fictional book about Greece in WWll. Bob Meincke, Anny Lou and Christi identities revealed later. Read More

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The Ancient Greeks believed in a goddess named Philophrosyne. She was said to be the Goddess of kindness, welcome and friendliness. I was so intrigued when reading up the little bits of information about her and so, I decided to write a poem... For you Philophrosyne. Read More
In a chain of command there is growing financial assest inside black story of all that has recently infered from this example. I may craft that any nation spend savings from tax payers for welfare may not signal deprivation that diffuse situation relating a difference in the trade for all… Read More

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Restaurant customers Wolfgang, Angela and Jeroen make hard demands to waiters Alexis and Yanis. Read More

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It is 2002 and little Penelope Scratchford has been abducted in Italy. The Italian State Police has given up its investigation and believes her parents to be responsible for her disappearance and her probable murder, but cannot prove it. The British authorities believe she is still alive, as does the… Read More
Green Card Soldier is the tale of a Bosnian teen’s escape to America – fusing fact with fiction to tell a heroic story. This adventure novel is about Andro Babich, a naive, but inquisitive budding soccer star. His tale is told by Heath Winslow, a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent. Set… Read More
An essay on the current economic and social crisis ravaging my home country, Greece. A tribute to the struggles and achievements of a previous generation that might show us the way. Read More
I found this poem I wrote a while back. It is about being from mixed heritage parents, being a British Muslim and about being a second generation immigrant. Read More

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A traveler's guide to Wal-Mart! All in good fun; there's nothing more entertaining than watching the denizens of Wal-Mart. I hope you enjoy! Read More
Merlin the Archer is a story of the man who well may have built Stonehenge. My inspiration was the discovery of the grave of the "Amesbury Archer" near, Stonehenge. His DNA revealed him to be from the region of the Alps, which set my mind spinning into this epic tale.… Read More
Astra is a girl with a stuck emotions. The gods wont spare the wish she's been granted. When you wish for something. You may not get the right results. Read More

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This is a song aimed for metal music, specifically for black/death metal. It is basicly a song about Hades, nothing to do with Greek mythology just to symbolize the underworld, who destroys human life in a way. Any comments are welcome and if you find any ways to improve the… Read More
Short story for a person, will be written in several point of views. Possible sexual scenes, strong language. Read More
His last hope remained in the surrounding fatewriters sitting in the room around him. As the first person laid the crayon down without a single word on their page, everyone slowly stood up and filed out- except her. Read More
Short story based upon the Greek myth of Orion, who is blinded and goes on a quest to the God of Sunlight in order to regain his sight. Read More
A boy named Keith Martin finds out about an ancient curse that the Devil uses to take over the greek past.Keith has the power to stop the devil or help the devil take over. this book is only part of the whole book. Read More
I was told to write a two page essay on Ancient Greece and how it compared and contrasted to today. I got a little over-board. Read More
Tyler Oakenfold is convinced he leads a normal life. But when an old letter lands in his room, a girl crawls through his window and he can breathe underwater, he knows something is up. With the help of Dana at his side and some other friends (and foes) along the… Read More

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The beast will not rest till he has got her. The flesh of a woman...the smell of a woman...but who will be sacrficed to him? Read More
This is a short 'Choose Your Own Adventure' story with many outcomes based on Greek Mythology. Wisdom and bravery will help but there are many tricks along the way! See if you help the fallen King Priam regain his kingdom and his crown! Read More
In the summer of 1980, a maverick young doctor gave it all up, to hitchhike around the world. The first part of his odyssey took him through South America and up through Africa, accompanied by his mythical hunter companion, Orion. Between the Cartwheels is the sequel to that cartwheel, his… Read More
speaking for those that have lost everything because of austerity Read More
I made this as a story and a song. Read More
This autobiography describes what I have seen and/or done in various countries (Iran, Israel, USA, Italy, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece, Scotland, etc.) Read More
This is a novel that I am working on. It takes place in mythological Greece and centers around Jason and the Argonauts. Read More
From a wonderful book by Robert Fulghum. The book is titled "Maybe (Maybe Not)"....... Read More
Rebecca McHenry learn she has powers because she's Artemis's, the goddess of hunting/moon, granddaughter. She's stirring emotions of many kinds; friendship, self-worth, trust, and love.All because of Zachery Goodie, the only other student who doesn't live in the dorms. But his her whole life a joke. Read More

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October 31, 2011

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He's a pleasant imagining, and probably about as realistic as the possibility of my undecaying love. Read More
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