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Peter is a kind generous soul, who goes out of his way to help improve people's lives. One day Zeus and Athena happened to witness his exchange with a homeless boy, and decided to change his life, forever. Read More
Blossom is a trained journalist, and has moved to London in search of a new job. Almost immediately however, she is contacted by "John Smith's Journalist agency" At her interview, her boss, Miles Crumblestorm is revealed to be a strange, slightly eccentric middle-aged man, with an intense love of… Read More
All myths skew the truth... Cassandra of Troy lived a pampered, if not predictable, existence. Then an innocent mistake one summer day turns Apollo’s attention to her and changes her destiny. What starts as an unexpected friendship quickly turns to desire. But Cassandra learns the hard way that mortals… Read More

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February 17, 2018

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Athena had a daughter named Cora. Cora was raised as a human until she aged twenty-three. When the oracle Delphi spoke a prophecy, gods and goddesses found out about her existence and title; the Goddess of War. Zeus and Hades both wanted Cora to marry their sons. Love and… Read More

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*NOTE: If you are not familiar with the story of Pandora's Box, I suggest you look it up on the internet before reading* This is my second draft for my English coursework. Hopefully there won't be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but if there are, please point them out.… Read More
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