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The Booksie Classic House

Gregory Parker is a pretty normal guy, who lives a pretty normal life. But one day, he had a interesting interaction with Sonya Vader. Find out what happens in The Crumpled Sandwhich! Read More
The old philosophical problem of Theseus’ Ship goes something like this: Theseus sets sail on his ship (ship A). This ship carries replacement parts that are identical to the original ship, enough to make a second ship (ship B). As the journey goes on, Theseus gradually replaces pieces of his… Read More
A conversation between a believer and a nonbeliever, on the topic of "something from nothing". Read More
In this essay I discuss traditional educational values versus Rogerian education values (Carl Rogers) otherwise known as person-centered values, and argue that Carl Rogers, in his book, "A Way of Being," is mistaken on almost every point he makes concerning traditional education. Read More
An essay in which I argue that, among other reasons, Nelson Goodman's Grue Paradox is uncessarily complex, that we have universal cognitive principles gifted to us by evolution that provide a benchmark for rejecting grue predicates, and that our reasoning is not inductive, but is speculative conjecturalism. Read More
Book Review for "The Virgin's Lover" by Philippa Gregory. As a new queen, Elizabeth faces two great dangers: the French invasion of Scotland, which threatens to put Mary Queen of Scots on her throne, and her passion for the convicted traitor Robert Dudley. But Dudley is already married, and his… Read More
'Private Detective' Sebastian Day and his partner in solving crime Gregory Shearing star in this first caper: The 'Ripper' Case. One year after Jack the Ripper has had his final victem, another series of grusome murders begins in the summer of 1889. The newspapers dub the killer The Ripper or… Read More
The story of a young adult, Gregory whose brother Jay has gone missing. In many desperate attempts to recover his brother, Gregory goes on an amazing journey of his own. Read More
Alice Gregory is a teenage girl living in the Great Depression. One day, in the attic of her family'some, she discovers the diary of Mildred Wilcox. She reads the 150 year old diary and is intrigued to find a relationship between Mildred and George Washington. Read More
Hopefully this won't turn out like Simplitate. I actually just wrote that to get it out of my system. I might associate it with something else, maybe. I have a new craze for the GOLDEN GLOBE WINNING (yes, i know) HIT SHOW HOUSE. I'll mainly use Chase in this part,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Short story from creative writing class. Inspired by "Ever So Sweet" by Early November. Read More
A detective in the near future investigating a homicide discovers the killer is closer than he thought. Based loosely on a true event. Read More
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