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AU The Bleach cast are going on a senior class trip to the beautiful and romantic cities of Rome and Verona. But will they survive with only two of their four chaperones trying to keep them in line? Mainly GrimmIchi with various other pairings. Read More
Ichigo is reflecting on his and his boyfriend grimmjow's last fight. Read More
Ichigo is in a abusive relationship with Shirosaki that he cant get out of. What will Grimmjow do when he sees the berry being hurt? Inspired by My Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte. Grimmjow/Ichigo Read More
"We were sent by Aizen-sama to investigate an event called All Hollow's Eve," Ulquiorra explained. "You mean All Hallow's Eve," Ichigo corrected. Read More
Ichigo comes home from school and talks to his father about his new friend, Grimmjow. Read More
Grimmjow runs off and has a bit of alone thinking time, and Ulquiorra is sent to retrieve him. Read More

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In the days before Aizen's betrayal, a dedicated 3rd seat goes missing on a mission to dispatch a viscious hollow. Who is she? Where did she come from and why is she so intent on finding her family? In the days after Aizen's rebellion, who will she believe and what… Read More
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