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A man's desire to go forward in time to acquire a cloning machine so he can clone the woman he loves, goes on a mission to go to a time when his love is going to marry someone else and messes everything up. Read More

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This is a poem just as I feel and see it. Read More

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A poem for my future lover. Wherever she may be. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 26, 2015

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A poem to express the look in the eyes of a groom, as he watches his bride walk down the isle. Read More
It took my parents ten years to find me a bride in Pakistan. Read about how difficult marriage is in Pakistan. Read More
Roby finally found the love of his life and decided to settle down with her, how can Roby makes her stay if the heaven is stealing her away from him. In her last breath, why Kristine wants Roby to marry someone she choose for him. Read More

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I thought nothing about becoming a bride to a dead guy. This summer was supposed to be about me and my best friend. But my careless actions left her dead, and left me to become wed to the most powerful Vampire heir ever. He's arrogant and cold hearted and defiantly… Read More
Alicia never thought it imaginable for her to marry, but she reaches the night before her wedding ceremony with fears and second thoughts. Will she let it all unravel into the happiest day of her life or will cold feet get the best of her and cause her to be… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 24, 2012

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This is a real story of a passionate girl Read More

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Marriage in Pakistan is a difficult proposition. In my case, it took my parents a decade to find my wife. Read about the issues concerning marriage in Pakistan. Read More

Short Story / Literary Fiction

December 26, 2011

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For some minutes I thought that this was the best gift life could ever offer me. The man I loved was right here in front of me, ready to accept me as his bride, but things were not that easy as it seems to be. In the midst of everything… Read More
Cassie Childs has always had the easy life, her parents earn more than enough money for her to get what she wants, she’s an only child and she looks like the typical Barbie doll. But when her parents go broke and lose everything apart from their house, they don’t know… Read More
Some old lyrics I was toying with. Read More
Picture Prompt Romance Contest WINNERS!!! What is the blushing bride thinking. What's her story? Is she thinking about her husband to be? Or the honey moon? You tell me! Read More

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Three years ago, he abandoned his bride at the altar. Now he's back. But has he returned for good? Or does heartbreak once more loom in her future? Read More

Book / Romance

November 27, 2010

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Love has its own way: That’s totally true. Love has its own way to reach, It searches for its own destiny, Once the destination is found, It follows its own path to blossom. The destination being the person, the one person of your life but the path? - Well that’s… Read More
"At last the time has come. The crowd gasps, not a single breath leaves my body. There she is...." Read More
I chose to do the wedding competition. The pictures are from my sons wedding... Read More

Book / Romance

June 29, 2010

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Lena Jacobs doesn't know what has hit her when she meets the hot Cameron Castillo at her cousin's wedding. They 'meet' again soon after; meaning the next morning under unusual circumstances, well unusual for Lena. That one meeting leads to several more, along with some major and minor twists and… Read More

Book / Romance

April 05, 2010

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{Completed}Aditya loves Eve but she leaves him for a career. Now due to family issues has to marry where he still loves Eve. Then Ruhi comes into his life and his life is changed.............. Read More
a newlywed couple go through certain circumstances at a cemetery. Read More

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(COMPLETED) Kimberly's sister is getting married and she is the maid of honor. Kimberly is happy for her sister but want nothing more but to be left alone by her parents who are urging her to get married too. Coincidence is coincidence she meets the bridegroom's two handsome best man... Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 30, 2009

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Enjoy! :D Read More
Corrine Pellor flies back to New York for her best friends wedding to a certain James Fitz. The minute she lands it's as if everything she says makes the wedding more unlikly. Will she be able to fix the wedding she's ruining??? Or will she just go along for the… Read More
This is a song i wrote for Soras, " Write Me A Song Challenge. I was given the words.. Sweet Silence. This song is based on Panics hit song I Write Sins, Not Tradgedies " From the Disco Album.. Please enjoy! Read More

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This is truly the greatest dream I have ever had. I have had it more than once. Many times I have had it. I am now finally putting it on paper! Read More
Shorter than usual. Can you guess what the "unspoken Moral" is? Read More
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