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The Review Chain House

Hey, everyone! I've been working on a pure horror story as a means of spicing up some of my writing. I've found that fear is a topic that demands enormous descriptive power; a mechanism through which true human nature can be viewed. Horror has always held a special place… Read More
A mysterious man is enacting a horrible torture on a woman. Why it is the case is unknown. Read More

Short Story / Horror

April 12, 2018

The Master Commands what the Master desires... Read More
A more gruesome excerpt from my novel 'Elso Caste'. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Flash fiction story number three. Isolated life in the end of the world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The second of a series of flash fiction stories that I plan on publishing in the near future. Read More

Book / Horror

April 09, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Slowly building, like an insane cancer, coiling around the organs and bones of the mind itself before leaving the soul a perforated mess. The Vestibule contains content that will be disturbing or similarly distasteful to some. Read More
Tara Nicholson was 24 years old when she died, it was said that she disappeared but i know the truth. I did not kill her but i was the cause of her death. My name is Devlin Markson and i was born in the year 1803 and yet i am… Read More

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I'm just publishing an example of what I've written so far. I may continue this, but I'm currently working on another story which I have made more progress on. I'll publish my first chapter of my other story too, but I want to see how much feedback I will get… Read More
A scavenger is walking toward the garbage bin as he smells the rotten meat and is so curious to find out what is inside it. He takes a black plastic bag and to his surprise there are some parts of a human’s mutilated body; legs, arms and a male genital.… Read More
A short campfire story of a girl who is swallowed up by her closet and never seen again. Read More
The full story of how the world was created by a group of God's, how it was created and the journey of two love-stuck God's and the threats to humanity and the universe. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

August 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The colony Tellus - TL-540 is somewhat quiet, no contact has been made for a number of weeks, yet the center of operations; Terra believe everything is in working order and that there's no cause for concern. Well, that’s until Meghan, a colonist from TL-540 manages to contact Terra by… Read More
Back in 2007, there was a psychopath who loved to kill young women by torturing them. His name was Barry Ross. He loved hearing them scream for help as he drained the life out of them. One night, he snaps at his wife, KayLee and does the same thing to… Read More
An abused teenager; with an abusive father. Right when she thinks things can't get worse, they do. As her 18th birthday quickly arrives, the more and more harm she goes through. Her father gets drunk and high, and gets sinister. See this twistful short story now. Read More
Baiden Smith had a future. Baiden Smith was going to be a good person, helping the world and all the poor people in it. That was until his math teacher died. Suddenly Baiden and all people he cared about are plunged into a mystery that may be unsolvable. Follow Baiden… Read More
A boy of 7 witnesses an event that changes his well-being forever.Due to the same event his 3 year old sister suffers a cardiac muscle damage that paralyzes her for an indefinite period.The same course of event makes him commit gruesome crimes which results in gains and losses.Also driving him… Read More
This story was set in 1856. It was primarily written to signify my love for the Victorian era. Where it may be written morbidly, its intention is not to reflect my own perception. It is to highlight the ruthlessness that took place during this century and how people were simply… Read More
Are you happy with life? Do you have the perfect life? This story follows the short ranting's of a man bent on killing the perfection in the world even if that means himself, of course all in the name of the greater good. Read More
In a couple hundred years,the world's technology and education has been destroyed. Only a few people know the truth. Read More
Our nameless protagonist awakes one evening and, in an effort to clear his foggy head, takes a walk outside. However, upon reaching his destination, he discovers something truly horrific. The dismembered head of a young child. Eerily calm in the face of this gruesome image, the Insomniac awakes each evening… Read More
"Three things make up my nightmares. Three things haunt me, taunt me, and leave me breathless. One: Teratoid shadows looming over a wooden floor like fingers stretching out trying to reach the other side. The full moon outside casts a blue light into the room through cracked windows, pushing forward… Read More

Short Story / Horror

November 29, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

"The door is locked. It is sealed tight. Glued shut. I checked over and over again. The door was exploded with noise. It mocked me. "I'm not really closed." It smiled. Every single time that poisonous whisper was heard, it started to spread in the deepest confides of my brain." Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 08, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

The Spirit Wolve's howls were heard by Valndra and her old firend. As the situation worsens and fear starts to captivate everybody, Valndra and her friend decide to make a prayer to the gods to help them. Though before Valndra goes off to Annaria, he tells Xierlius one last imaginable… Read More
The story of Morbid, a lonely gravedigger, his dog Beg, his best friend Esmerelda Wycca, a witch half-ling, and the odd situations they find themselves within in the mysterious and dangerous undead town of Dismembered. Read More
A young sixteen year old boy has found himself in a lot of trouble but his killer has been murdered before his eyes. Hurt, he saw the murderer. It's flesh torn and the skin ripping. A gruesome creature out to kill him. A very short story, hope you enjoy Read More
A short story about a super-hero in the town of Knoxville. Read More
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