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The tale of two young gryphons takes flight as they leave the aerie for the first time. What kind of adventures await them? Read More
The story of Sky the Great, a legend among his kind, but the close friend of a even greater legend in his world. Told from his point of view, this is his life's story and a story of how he came to know some of both life's hardest and greatest… Read More

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a story that will be filled with love, adventure, and destiny. lets see how it works out! Read More
The final battle is close, and Liezal needs her friends now more then ever as she brings the gryphon race together. However along the way she must keep them in line and fight the Golden Talon. Meanwhile the Firehearts are pushing the Golden Talon bacn and soon Liezal will have… Read More
Lizal is back, but the darkness inside has taken root and she cant keep herself together. Now Liezal must find a way to defeat the darkness inside her and save the Forbidden Library... Read More
Liezal Blue-Feather is a young gryphoness, and when she gets pulled into a war agenst the evil Pheonix-Born she has to give it her all to survive. However a darkness is coming and Liezal must get prepaired... Read More
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