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It's a story about three new Guild Members trying to survive the blood feud between the leader of The Guild known as the Guild Legion, The leader of the Terrorist organization known as the Victus, and their enigmatic mentor known only as Highborne. The three strive the honor the memory… Read More
A story about a group of friends all belonging to the same guild and the ever changing world around them. Read More
Elysium: The Beginning is a game where people have unique abilities. There you can evolve to your limits and go beyond greatness. Dante is a 14 year old boy who waited all day in line at the enarest gaming store for this game and was giving a powerful ability. But… Read More
After all this time? After all these mistakes? I don´t see why not. Tetrica is the kingdom where all takes place. A place where sadness, blood, death, gore and Beasts fill the canvas that life is. Read More
Thought things were finally making sense? Guess again--Knightwatch Guild is in for yet another insane school year with completely new circumstances altogether! Read More
There's more to East Wing Academy than meets the eye. In fact, there's more to the entire front school system than Knightwatch Guild can uncover--but before they can get too deep into figuring out what is happening, the unusual members of the rebel guild find themselves the target of a… Read More
Ignorance is bliss. Ivo Cassferth has always hoped to join The Guild, a large organization sending heroes to aid, if the coin is good enough. However The Guild bears it's own darkness. In The Guild's battle against it's great enemy, The Victus, It may have given up more than it… Read More

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April 22, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

visit my facebook page please: This novelette takes place in a shared universe with some friends from college. At this point in the world Achillion, the thief master is at the peak of his power and a great war has begun in the central kingdoms. As of yet the… Read More
This is a story background of what happened to a group of people in a online gaming community, but put into a story. There were lots of action going on during the time I was in the community, but I did not write all of it... only certain points in… Read More
'Of Companions and Fellowships' is the first part of the tale surrounding the members of the 'Earth and Blade' mercenary guild. Earth and Blade is a little known collection of fighters and adventurers that live within the walls of The Emerald City. For years they have lived with little money,… Read More
This is a short prologue I wrote as a building block towards a moderately formed idea I'm still in the works of fleshing out fully. It's set in an unnamed world in a time period similar to that of what you might have seen in Pirates of the Caribbean or… Read More
The "Parables Of Shadow Stone" are a collection of short stories that may or may intertwine with others in the series. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is the story of a white werewolf named argus who is adopted into a village after his own village is destroyed by humans. here he lives his life as the troublemaker of the town until that town as well becomes attacked. then he learns he may be the last… Read More

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August 31, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

There are rumors of the walking dead, spirits of the past gathering once again, a dark army unrivaled in all history, but amongst the return of old lives, a new one begins, and with it, a hope to maintain all that is good and true. A man with no memory… Read More
We are introduced to the alchemist's war, a sort of class warfare between the lufgets and alchemists. This is the story of how it all began and the boy who must come to terms with the hellish world he has been born into. Read More

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So, these are the character biographies I made. As Usual, it has their Full names, age, birthdays and Fun facts. Hope You enjoy the info on them! Read More
While the prologue remains independent of the story, it is not necessary to read it, but it brings more in-sight, foreshadowing and understanding of the story to come. The story is loosely based on the game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", but I'd like this to still be "Action and… Read More
While the epilogue remains independent of the story, it is not necessary to read it, but it brings more in-sight and understanding of the story that has been. The story is loosely based on the game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", but I'd like this to still be "Action and… Read More
Basically a story with a mix of both Pokemon Mystery Dungeons 1 and 2 together. Read More

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August 03, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Aceth is a young boy, who has a secret. he is a demon. they live their lives in the gutter in the city of araurum. but his life changes soon after he is caught smuggling and improtant package. Read More
A fanfic of Kiesha'ra about Oliza and Betia. The start of a story I wrote a long time ago. I don't quite remember where I was going to go with this... And yes the title sucks Read More
*COMPLETE* Feel free to print this out, if you want to read it all, on paper (more relaxing for many). ;-) Read More
These are true story event's that happened on the online game known as Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. I don't own Pirates Online, this is merely a fan-fiction of it. Read More
The beggar's ally in Anthir houses the Stalkers, a den of thieves who are at war with the Black Wolves for the Dockside. A mysterious benefactor hires two stalkers for a task, which reveals something terrible in the works among their enemy. Read More

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