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December 05, 2016

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The dreamAGINED House

Recently I saw a concert with one of my favorite singers and his new band, Operation: Mindcrime. I got a great picture of his guitarist, Tim Fernley on my iPhone. This young man and talented musician treated my fiancé and I like we were VIP's. I have nothing but respect… Read More
this was a story that i reflected a lot about when i was jobless. i am still jobless, but this story has been captivating for me. in a nutshell, it is about a successful guitarist of a rock band who runs into a huge surprise. Read More
A young, mediocre guitar player comes across an unusual, antique guitar that turns him into a world famous rock idol. Read More
When severe bullying victim, Sam Baker has had enough she reaches her eventual explosion and attacks everyone ever fallen guilty to her mistreatment. It results in her getting expelled immediately and leaving her uncertain of the future. Not sure where to go next, she uses her musical background to her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alacia has really despised loved since her last break up. She tries to deny that fact, and so does the man she loves. He is oblivious to how she feels, and just because of 'love' her life takes such a turn that nothing will ever stay the same! Read More
Exactly what I had in mind, while creating my characters! Comment for me please! Read More

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After so long, the time has come. Troy Billings and Curt McCrae play their set at the Dump for a huge crowd. (An alternative ending to KL Going's "Fat Kid Rules the World." For RenesmeeRox's challenge.) Read More

Book / Romance

February 26, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Danielle Barnes had the sweetest best friend ever, Michael Stewart. She and him both had to put up with her arrogant, selfish, ungrateful boyfriend, Chad. Why did she put up with him? She had her band to back her up right? Too bad she was afraid. Read More
An aloof young lawyer becomes cativated by a street musician. Read More
Do you want to be a great musician? Do you want to have not only the talent that you're already working hard to develop, but also the knowledge, confidence, and winner’s attitude you need to attain any musical goal you wish? Do you want to know what the great musicians… Read More
Add more variety, color, and spice to your playing ... all year long! With the Smart Guitarist's Chord-a-day Calendar you will learn a new guitar chord fingering every day ... 365 in all. Jazz chords, rock chords, pretty chords, intense chords, cool, dark, off-the-wall – you’ll learn chords you never… Read More
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