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New neighbors bring trouble to a retired Sergeant Major. Read More
Set in America, Lt. Molly Ellerweiss is charged along with her scant team to seek a quartet of bank robbers, led by the tactically able and vicious Dravid, stakes all the higher because he is a recipient of military training. His potency due to him being ex-Indian Special Forces. This… Read More
When gold-miner Merk headed into town to get back what had been stolen from him, he didn’t expect to be ambushed by the town Sheriff. Now his horse is crippled and a gunfight is raging, yet neither man can shoot worth a damn. When the bullets run out and both… Read More
I, Carlos Clarke, am leading a squad of 6 Spec-Ops soldiers. We are fighting Russian soldiers in an underground Subway station in New York. Less than 30 minutes ago we had flown out here after being told of a “light”’ Russian presence in the area. Trust Intel to mark nearly… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Connor Steele crash lands on Planet Earth, losing all of his memories, he is forced to draw upon the help of the Humans to remember his past...and to finish the Earth-Shattering mission he had started years ago Read More
This is the story of Cleo Phoenix. A lone superhero saving the world one day at a time. Well not really, more like battling her mortal enemy ‘the boss’ and saving a few lives on the way. After a mysterious past gets slowly revealed people who she remembers come back… Read More
This is a story filled with spies, intrigue and twists. Hope you enjoy :). I condensed several short stories into this "novel". Comments appreciated & returned thanks :D Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Old west, humor, gun fight, Read More

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Ma and her boys brought hell to the state of Florida. Now the police are bringing divine justice. But not without a fight. Read More
"A man living on revenge can't live for long." Holt is a young man bent on avenging the death of his father. After years of searching, he has finally found "Sixgun" Wallace. Will revenge give him the peace he has been looking for, or will it only bring more pain? Read More
Jeremiah King doesn't like people squatting on his land, so he's pushing the couple nesting on the south end of his property off. The thing is, the Becketts aren't squatting, they bought the thirty acres they're living on, and are detirmined not to leave. King is just as detirmined to… Read More

Poem / Westerns

March 01, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

He sauntered down the street, This man of the Old west. Read More

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