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This book is a collection of short stories featuring, Sam Tunney a cowboy drifter as he travels around the Wild West. Read More
An old Westerner spins a tale. Who cares if it's true or not? Just listen. Read More
Sora Ishima is a sixteen year old highscool student who lived a tragic life. His mother left his father and died, and in his sadness, his father buried himself into an occult religion. In his misery, Sora grew to hate his father, but now things have taken a turn for… Read More
"Bullion" Bob fights the people of Dry Sage who want to hang his best friends son for being a half breed. Jona, who must flee the rope and seek refuge with the Army leaves Dry Sage and helps the Army win a war against the Hecowi's. Read More
"Bullion" Bob leaves the mojave desert to enter Dry Sage, the town that does not except him and the mayor dupes him into becoming the sheriff there. He struggles with the people of the town of Dry Sage and gunfights are a way of life. Read More
this is actualy chapter 9, i goofed and put the wrong number in the last chapter, which is named town revolts. it should read chapter 8 chapter 9 is called Black Betty Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jeremy Thomson has always been short on money and now that he has nothing left in his life, he feels completely useless. But when a friend of his gives him the number to one of his 'buddies' Jeremy's life becomes much more complicated. The mysterious stranger approachs him with a… Read More
Sheriff Hooper's job description for being sheriff is relaxing with his feet on his desk. All that changes when the doctor's wife disappears. Hooper finds himself in the middle of a crime and a family fued between cattle baron, Mac Sullivan and Doctor Strummer. Hooper's only backups are a nervous… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The lawless west was full of lawmen and towns that had no law at all. These towns were often found with numerous wanted outlaws or gamblers. This story only characterizes a few of my favorite legends of the wild west. Read More
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