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The Abandoned House

Joey and Stu are sent to deal with someone who double crossed their boss. Read More

Tags: guns, women, gangsters

Featured Review by Joe Stuart

"A well written tough guy story, Ian. The fight sequence reminded me a little of a Jack Reacher brawl, except Jack was a good guy and good guys ..." Read More

A high profile figure is abducted in the wee hours of the morning. Is this a death waiting to happen or something else? I'm afraid that the Man-in-Gray is the only one who knows for sure, and he's not saying. Read More
A little bit of comparative thinking. Read More
Christmas has brought back memories of my younger days, and visits with the Texas side of my family. --- And with the thoughts came this song. Read More

Tags: guns, song, boys, beer, texas

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The Affdemaai Sanctuary House

When the world is destroyed by an earthquake, Amy returns home to the desolate landscape that was once Salt Lake City. Hopeless of ever getting the answer she has sought from her father since the earthquake began, they struggle to survive and dodge the ever shrouded organization of the S.A.U.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My name is Edward Flynn. You don't know me. You'll never get to know me. Because I'm dead! Somebody killed me but the police can't solve my case. I was the last person to see the killer but with over 50 suspects how will they find who my killer is?… Read More
It all began the world mysteriously faced an unknown virus that infected humans, turning them into such terrifying and monstrous zombies that threatened humanity's extinction. Faced with such a horrific threat, all could only wonder if it was even possible to stop it, or were they destined to face their… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Inside a forest in Pittsburgh, there was noises that had been heard. Those noises were gunshots, and voices. The gunshots and voices are caused by the four clans: Darkclan, known for its Sniper team, for its quickness, loyalty to its clan, and hiding its base, Powerclan, known for its martial… Read More
This story was inspired by the Hunger Games. In the near future, the United States government decided to turn against its own citizens. The US citizens took up arms in order to defeat the tyrannical leaders but was heavily outmatched and soon found themselves under a very powerful dictator. The… Read More
a story in ghost's world that sees ghost going through all of the alternate timelines. you will see the process by which the ghost i have created came to be. enjoy! Read More

Tags: war, guns, halo, reapers, gcorp

In most countries in the world gun purchases are suficiant regulated, and thus gun crime is not a big problem. In countries like especially the U.S.A where guns are easier to purchase, the gun problem is greater. So, do we really need guns for a safer society? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

the story of zencho, one of the antagonists in ghost's tale. Read More

Tags: war, guns, halo, reapers, gcorp

imagine ghost's story, but ghost is a vile, genetically-engineered beast. congrats, you just discovered the plot of this alternate timeline version of ghost's story Read More

Tags: war, guns, halo, reapers, gcorp

Book / Horror

October 10, 2019

A book of murdering book who have wronged me Read More

Tags: death, murder, evil, guns, bombs

a companion piece to go with a ghost's tale Read More

Tags: war, guns, halo, reapers, gcorp

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The Booksie Classic House

the story of a man who is betrayed by his team and finds himself at odds with his former freinds. a semi-halo fanfic that has evolved into it's own story Read More

Tags: war, guns, halo, reapers, gcorp

I’m gonna put my two cents in where it probably isn’t wanted...again Read More
Just another day at school. Read More
The lives of Perry and James take a drastic turn when Perry discovers a secret James has been keeping. After coming so far from his days of self-loathing and attempts of hurting himself she questions whether she can forgive him. ...Will she? Read More
Crispy is a member of Boozer's gang, but secretly, he works with the police department to try to bring him down. When his outlaw pals discover the truth, they intend to punish him, but unfortunately for them, they don't get the job done. Read More
a undercover agent, who is found of girls has went to complete a mission where he meets two girls. this story is about how he used them both to complete his mission, with whom he starts the relationship? Read More
“Lium Scorch, get on your knees right now! We will shoot!!!” Read More
“Lium Scorch, get on your knees right now! We will shoot!!!” Read More
In a world taken over by the Superiors where only killers have a hope of rescue. Marty is the rare survivor. Marty doesn't kill. Marty has been chosen to go in the Out There. An arena with no survivors. A place where anything can happen. Watch Harry Potter meet Hunger… Read More
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