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Orion Foster is a witch hunter, not a very good one- but one of the well known. After a horrible mess up, Orion is cursed to live forever in the body not even a mother would love. Everyone who somehow comes to love the beast, will die an agonizingly painful… Read More
Lilly Wolfe, 18 and just out of college is now engaged to her childhood friend, Jules Knightly. It was a choice made long before she could grasp the concept of marriage and now she is stuck in this union. Only problem is, Jules is an Aromantic young man with Sociopathic… Read More
A poem about growing up in a world where your love isn't accepted... ~"Imagine being a kid Trying to find who you are In a world where society Damns you to hell."~ Read More
Maxi Stiles made three mistakes. The first was falling in love with her brother's latest love, Felicita. Secondly, she tore her out the skeletons from her "perfect" family's closet. And lastly... she acted on her impulses. dis·in·te·gra·tion (Noun) 1. The process of losing cohesion/coherence 2. The process of coming to… Read More

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February 28, 2013

Two years after losing her mother in an accident, Nicole Taylor was starting to feel she could move on. That was until her father came back, with unexpected guests. On the other side, despite her own not-so-merry life, Rina Haven was all too eager to help Nicole get back on… Read More
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