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Neon City: a Mega Metropolis filled with brightly lit Casinos, Dark rave clubs, aromatic food centers and shadowy bars. Each filled with dangerous Gangs known as "Street Tribes", and overwatched by the dispassionate and often equally nefarious "Straight Suits" from their Corporate glass towers. Bedazzling with neon lights and dancing… Read More

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June 29, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Young Daniel had a normal life until grade 6, when his father was murdered. Now he's teamed up with a old friend to learn the dark secrets of their government. *Contains Explicit Content (swearing, gore, etc.)* Read More
In this short story you will read about a man who used his hacking skill for good and bad and that when he used his hacking skills for something bad, something bad was bound to happen to him. Read More

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May you know we are trained for knowledge doesnt make us vulnerable. For unknown expedite gave us this source. Let us make this blind spot beyond our days here. :) Read More
Conner Coemack was an ordinary guy up until he got sentenced to 8 years in prison due to the power of the media and the Police Crime Probability System, but the thing is that it was hacked by someone and he hopes to find out who did it and why. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Big trouble comes in small packages. I missed the contest but reading about it gave me an idea. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 05, 2015

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"We believe in freedom of information" - Atlas Dom is the new recruit in an international organisation who 'hack' into Governments around the world. Read More
This is a short writing about the con's of having camera's in the urine collection area to watch patients via video surveillance while collecting a urine specimen. I discuss the negative outcomes, the effects on moral of the patient populous and the possible legal ramifications due to 4th amendment violations. Read More
Kimberly and Luke plan their wedding, but then get news that their company e-mails have been hacked. Read More
Troublesome boys. Filthiness. I freaking dislike them. Nearly ripped off a boy's scalp once when he spilled orange juice on me on the first day of school. Good news was that he didn't report me. I'm pretty rash.… Read More
Jonathan never thought that he would meet Samantha the love of his dreams by this unexpected way this story goes through emotional situations and investigations, can Jonathan's scar be the reason that they fell for each other? how did he get this so special scar? please read, like and comment… Read More
This book is about a futuristic genius who is a former CIA hacker who uses his hacking skill's to claw his way through government computers, compounds, and he can also access citizens private information at the touch of a button. No one can hide from Craig Harrison. He is unstoppable… Read More
"This is my belief. You? You don’t matter. You have nothing that matters to you and no one that matters about you. That’s what’s wrong with your people-- you writhe and you growl like mutts, but in the end, you forget what you’re even fighting about. Nothing means anything. Your… Read More
This novel revolves around the life of a fictional character Robin and his fight, along with his colleagues, against a computer hacker ‘Alexander’, who has taken over the fastest supercomputer on the planet that was created by some US security agencies to pry on the world. The hacker launches all… Read More
Hacking personal information of celebrities for sale is a big business. It is illegal and unethical. At International School of Ethical Hacking, students are trained to conduct electronic ears-dropping or hacking in ethical way. Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

December 12, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Sora Sora is a boy with great knowledge over technology and uses his knowledge for a radio broadcast to get out top secret information to whom ever asks for it. Sora Sora thinks his mind is impenetrable. Until Sora Sora finds himself in the hands of the people he tried… Read More
A story about a hacker, a mistake, and the alteration of the time space continum Read More
A computer expert finds himself involved in a very unusual hack. Continued in further parts. Read More
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