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Charming, handsome and debonair. That is how many view Sauren Nightflame, leader of the elite Rogues Guild The Crimson Blade. But, beneath the polished exterior, a dark side lurks. Read More
Sarah Kettar is a smooth talking hedonistic inventor for whom nothing is ever good enough; her myriad of ‘personal service’ inventions no longer bring her peace, long nights full of hot sex and good wine can't ease her mind and that creeping sense of doom is closing in with each… Read More
"The Adventures of Mäki and Friends" is a collection of short-stories based off the adventures of a group of characters in a tabletop role-playing game. The story takes place in the world Trudvang from the Swedish RPG "Drakar och Demoner" (meaning "Dragons and Demons"). The stories' main focal point is… Read More
When two elven twins (and their half-elven siblings) begin to worry about the state of the great city Neverwinter, they begin a quest to find how much they love each other. (Neverwinter Nights is not my own work it is the work of a gaming company!!! NOT MY PC GAME) Read More
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