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In an anthromorphic world where interspecie relations are forbidden, a young boy named Hylin is forced to live a life of hardship because he is a halfbreed. He chooses to hide his true appearance and chooses to live by his fox blood, keeping his wolf instincts and traits hidden for… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adrian Garvey is a long haired, long legged beauty with eyes a man could just fall into. She seems like the perfect mistress in the quiet little town she called home, but little does her husband to be know that she has a secret. A deadly secret. She's a vampire… Read More
*Finished* Anya has finally found her home, and no one could be more grateful than her. With new and old family together she's settling comfortably into her new life as the Alpha's mate. But someone in this new life isn't who they seem to be. As… Read More

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February 26, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

In Rosebell Academy, Rikki Jacques is learning to live up to her wolf -werewolf- bloodline. With her powers growing every day, and with her self-control at the peak of perfection, Rikki must prove to the elders of the "pack" that she is strong enough to be officially considered a Were.… Read More
*Finished* All Anya Maynard knows of her family are the two faceless names on her birth certificate and a gruesome headline from a twenty year old newspaper announcing her parents deaths. She never cared to know the how's or why's of it, a lifetime of abusive foster mothers and… Read More
WARNING: MATURE CONTENT!!! MALE ON MALE RELATIONSHIPS, STRONG VIOLENCE, GORE, SEX SCENES, SUPERNATURAL THEMES, STRONG COURSE LANGUAGE. This story is a sequal to runemarks. if it makes no sense then it would help if you read that story first. Welcome to the darkness… Welcome to the world of the Chaos… Read More
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