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May 08, 2019

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The Historical Fantasy House

As a young Halfling living in the town of Hookopen, Mirabella befriends the elderly midwife Angelica Burrows. Having always craved adventure, Mirabella uses her growing skills as a midwife to travel around the West Province, healing illnesses and helping pregnant Halflings. Finding love, having a family, and helping others gives… Read More

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"A nice start, with some excellent pacing and world building! :D" Read More

Leak is a halfling, a sprite born without wings. He ran a thieves' guild in a city called Threadbare. But his skills as a thief have gotten him into trouble; trouble that started with his ancestors and a necklace called Niamid. Read More
Wow, puled this all out of my head in about an hour :P Anyway, this is a guide to the species of The Great Forest, The long-ness of the dragon section is due to the fact that I've spent so much time on dragons, I'll go more in-depth with the… Read More
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