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A Lams Hamilton fan fiction based on a fan fiction I am reading now. Read More
Peter y sus colegas se enfrentan a un caso de secuestro, de lo que se sospecha es una pandilla neonazi. A la vez en que otra pandilla esta al acecho, pero en este caso, las cosas no son lo que parecen. Read More
Peter Hamilton van a Ecuador, para tratar de proteger a una especie en peligro, y evitar que unos cazadores furtivos le hagan mas mal. Mientras tanto, uno de los miembros de la expedicion que estudia el ave resulta brutalmente asesinado Read More
Circus of Lost Souls is a paranormal mystery thriller brought to you by the joint efforts of bestselling authors Riley J. Ford and Rebecca Hamilton. * * * Cirque du Lune is killing off teenagers, but it’s all part of the act. Or is it? As the body count rises… Read More

Book / Sports

December 10, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Casey Hamilton has been the star of the team ever since 4th grade, and has always been committed to reaching her dream, even with all the doubters. Making it to the Olympics has been Casey's dream ever since she became a catcher. She has a quick throw, strong legs, and… Read More
A second. That's all it takes. Katie Hamilton's life hasn't been great, but it hasn't been horrible. She grew up in a big house with a big family and nice things. Tragedy struck when she was in her late teens and her mother died suddenly in a skiing accident. But… Read More
Jessica (Jessie) Collins was an outgoing girl. She was beautiful, funny, smart, and was loving. She had friends, family, good grades, and a little sister. It was the perfect life. But nothing is perfect. Riley, Jessie's little sister, has a tumor in her brain now. Jessie's heart is ripped in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is based on the song- The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift. (: Nothing's perfect- except for Ella Hamilton. She's the popular, good-at-everything girl everyone is dying to be. With a smart, steady boyfriend, who just happens to be the one the whole school is lusting after,… Read More

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February 04, 2010

Rejected by his peers in a rural village, Jerron Hamilton thought his life would only ever amount to what the other children cursed him for being: a whoreson bastard. But when this reality is utterly destroyed, Jerron is freed from the bonds of his past life to become whatever he… Read More
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