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Detroit 1994, detective Erin Cole and Ed Lane are on the hunt for the illusive Evil Eye Killer. Both detectives have to fight both the killer and also their demons. Erin is out to prove herself and needs this case to get back in the good books of the… Read More
Tim McGuirk sets out to find an old ladies missing dog and finds more than what he bargained for. Read More
Spark Out is a gangland thriller not for the faint-hearted. It's 1982 and Big Mo Dolan is suffering from severe headaches brought on by family worries. He fears his young son is too soft, his wife too easy going, his dad disrespectful and his brother foolish for enlisting. But with… Read More
Shaun is down on his luck. Drunk and grief-stricken, he heads for the nearest bar to seek solace. There he meets Eliza, a femme fatale drawn from the dark corners of the noir tradition, and is soon drawn into a world of hard drinking and addiction. Throw in a drug… Read More
SAM HILL is a wise-cracking hard-boiled private investigator told in the first person by outstanding author of crime fiction, R. Archer. The author is a noted, best-selling author of Kindle Short Reads. This adventure makes # 13 in the Sam Hill Private Investigator series. Sam Hill Shorts/Singles can be read… Read More
A man walks into Rick Ingram's office. Read More
THE TEAM'S TOUGHEST CHALLENGE Grayson Brennan is an ageing detective, part of a special investigation team located in Boston. Suffering from insomnia due to his emotional past, his determination rises as he is called to investigate a seemingly bizarre string of murders. Who is behind these murders? What does the… Read More
Private dick, Boston Nightly, knows there are three absolutes in life. The first? Whenever a mug thinks he's about to be flush with a little cash, the washing machine floods the laundry room, or the a.c. unit quits, or the car’s front end alignment goes all to hell. Boston knows… Read More
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