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Love is funny thing u never know what your capable till you fall in love. Read More
A spontaneous new case, has a washed up detective reflecting on his own life. Read More
Philip Marlowe, private detective, takes on a case of plagiarism, but things gets ugly fast as a case of stolen lyrics leads to a bitter conflict of revenge. My emulation of the quintessential hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler. Read More
The blame for a county-wide murder spree lies at the feet of three people broken by a dying mill town: Calvin, a killer; London, a cook; and Rhonda, the woman who loves them both. Neither they, nor the reader, see the storm brewing until it's too late in this Southern… Read More
What you do in the dark is your business. Keeping it buried is hers. Jay Nova is a private eye with a secret. She can read minds. What she can't do is control when it triggers, what it reveals or the pain it causes. Especially the pain. Still, with a… Read More
How far does one man have to be pushed before he starts pushing back? What about a man who losses everything that was ever important to him, how hard will he push back? Read More
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