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The article is a brief discussion about how amidst social oppression, myriads of African American writers eventually succeeded in ushering change in the domain of African American literature. Read More
Three young men called Bad Boys rises to the top of the drug game in Harlem. Read More
A rape leads to a high school massacre. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Vinnie illustrates how a young man is introduced into the world of heroin addiction. The story is set in New Jersey and New York City in the 1970s. The characters are based on real life people. Read More
She lived her life in the shadows, wandering and then hiding. It is not easy when you grew up in a place called Harlem, and are a runaway at the age of 12. No job, no money, no food... how will Becca ever survive? Read More
LoveLost is about a chance meeting of exes on New Year’s Eve. It follows the tale of the main character James who finds himself at the same party as his old girlfriend after he had been dumped by the love of his life just weeks prior. Read More
A story about how a young poor boy with no confidence called Shaquille Marciano rose to become the most feared teenager in Uptown Harlem & other areas of New York City Read More
THIS IS NOT MINE,IT'S THE adaption from Langston Hughes and it's one of my favorite i just did my own version. Of course no where near his.ENJOY!!!!!!! Read More
An immature, uneducated look at the gentrification of New York city and affects of business and globalization on the working classes. Read More

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September 29, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House


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The Booksie Classic House

dis onez bout my gurl lindsey an all da crazy stuff we get into!!! xox Read More

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November 10, 2009

Glorious is set against the backdrops of the Jim Crow South, the Harlem Renaissance, and the civil rights era. On a hot July 4th afternoon, in Reno, Nevada boxers Jack Johnson and James Jeffries engaged in what would be come to known as "The Fight of the Century." Jack Johnson… Read More
A Short story from 'The Colour Of Water' by James McBride. It was an English assignment. Read More
Something that poped up in my head. About hustlers and harlem, although I've never personally lived there. Read More

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