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It is a story about Aria who is first year Ravenclaw. Read More
Rosalina Lupin; the daughter of Remus Lupin, known valiantly as a charming, witty, brave and beautiful girl. Her dad has always dreamed of her growing up and marrying Harry, but...plans change. Rosalina starts Hogwarts during fourth year, and when she does...she meets someone who no one thought she'd fall in… Read More
These are my headcanons for the Harry Potter Next Generation Characters. (Please note that I'm not sure if the Longbottom kids are canon characters. I like to think that they are.) Read More
Choose which one you identify with most! Let me know in the comments. Just a note, I originally wrote this in French, and then translated it back, so if it does not make sense, please tell me <3 Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A true story based upon the life of "J.K. ROWLING",you may know her because of her famous novels which also include "Harry Potter".She ,herself, has an inspiring story in her life we should get a lesson from.She is counted in list of the most successful writers of the World. Read More
The Deathly Hallows, Tale of the Three Brothers from the perspective of death. Read More

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A poem for 90's kids. Read More
(Moved and Updated version of Ellie and the Marauder's Map) Elyssia Sage Caffory is a first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But something strange is coming when she and two red-headed boys steal a map of the school from Flich's office. Read More
OK, so, this took a seriously long time, which is why it's so long. With references to many different topics, it's up to you decide the theme of this poem! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What happen if a girl was seceded from her mom after the birth? What happen if the girl wants to find her but only has a key? What is when she do not know where the keyhole is? A story about a taff witch and her crazy life outside of… Read More
My thoughts and feelings of the world around me currently. How it has impacted my life. I would love any criticism, i am not 100% this is how i want the poem to go, so i would all the help i can get. thanks! Read More
Acey Newman is going to Hogwarts and happy to get away from her over-protective mom. But Hogwarts really isn't as safe as it seems now that there is evil lurking around the corridors. Join Acey and Hanley on their quest to save the school. FanFiction of Harry Potter. Read More
Ginny and Harry want a nice quiet day to themselves. Will they get one? Yeah right! Quick note: I never write stories about the war, I never kill Fred. In my stories Lord Voldy never happened. Read More
Lena Bones was always use to her boring life in Paris, France. She was nothing but a boring school girl until she meets incredibly handsome, Julius Finch. Shortly after, Lena discovers Julius' secret; he's a Dark Caster, a type of warlock from the dimension of all life, time and creation.… Read More
A & B wanted to get a head in the world to do so the bought a portal opener Read More
Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover So there is a 50/50 chance that I'm the chosen one, and since I'm a girl You Know Who is after me first, so Dumbledore calls on tells me he has a mission that I could do to help the order. So here I am on my… Read More
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