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In life, we all have come across that one boy/girl whose has taken our breath away. Whose harmonizing feautures can bring the beauty of the stars to shame and, it is not important for them to be perfect and to look like Calvin Klein Models because beauty is what the… Read More
"She won't talk to me.." Harry frowned, as he watched the girl from behind the counter. "Then write to her." Barbara suggested. "On what?" "I don't know... cups and napkins." she shrugged. Read More
A series of One Direction imagines ranging from sweet to dangerously sexual. I am able to make requests if you comment down below my Directioners and I'll be happy to make them.I will be happy to make dedicated and gay 1D shipments fro you guys xo. Read More
"Do you hate daddy?" "Where is daddy?" All the questions being asked by Stephanie were driving Leigh crazy. Wondering where Harry was. A part of her wanted to know, but another part was afraid, since the night she left him, the horrid memory stays with her. Read More
Marina Belle Edwards is what you may call one awkward ball. Of course, she's never really had a problem with that, until she discovers who her roommate is. Okay, so maybe at first she had no clue, but she soon begins to realize that he's "bigger" than she thought. Who's… Read More
Elizabeth "Ellie" Fischer is the anti-social, home-schooled sister of the lead singer, Laurie, of the on-the-rise band Catching Rain. Ellie loves her sister but hates the new publicity that follows Laurie constantly. Ellie is thrown into her sister's spotlight despite her wishes when her parents decide they need alone time.… Read More
harry styles has feelings for louis tomlinson but harry dident have the guts to tell louis so harry decided to write a letter to harry which ends up in tragedy. soo louis writes 99 days about what his going through this story is not mine but its such a great… Read More
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