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Almost everybody has a Harvey in their lives. This is the story of mine. Read More
This is a short story about my time in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. I wanted to thank all the generous people that helped in so many ways and let them know just how much good they were able to achieve. This wouldn't have been possible without all of them.… Read More
I am just working on this. Leave a like if you want me to continue this, at 5 likes I will continue it if enough people like it. Read More
*On Hiatus* Alexa Powers is hopelessly socially awkward and clumsier than Bambi on ice. Despite her family's money and power, she's never been comfortable with crowds or any of the attention her heiress status brings. Because of this, she prefers to spend her time curled up with a good book,… Read More

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Suits future fic. Harvey has finally acknowleged how he feels about Mike. Before he can turly show what he means, something happens that'll show everybody what Mike means to Harvey. Father/son, no slash. I don't own Suits, USA owns the rights and characters. Read More
Her world is held between the petals of the sacred rose she received as a little girl. The man appeared so friendly, yet he carried so much darkness, and that darkness was personified in that rose. If she removes the rose, she will be faced with an eternity of punishment… Read More
Mikey Travers, a 15 year old Texan girl from a small town from a sexist Republican family knows she is a lesbian. With her friend Dexter Billings, a gay best friend, they run away to San Francisco, "Home of the Castro." But when she figures out SF is much more… Read More
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