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The first part of a series. Any relation to other persons living or dead is completely confidential. Read More

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Something to describe how I feel Read More

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Life is already lovely, but the love you provide is more pleasurable than experiencing Christmas every day. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Shiloh Green was once happy. Ever since she’d started dating her sort-of-famous boyfriend Braxton Abbott, drummer for the popular YouTube band Contained Chaos, the future had seemed promising. They’d get married, have kids, have successful careers, and live happily ever after. Everything would be picture perfect. That was the plan—until… Read More
I can see the view of my goals being completed from here. Every action and thought of mine is powerful. *Mother Speaking* "Your destiny is clear and perfect, my child. For you, there will always be light shining on your path, even through the darkest moments. Your life is precious,… Read More

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September 01, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

It’s pretty clear what this is about. Be warned, it is long and probably not as poetic as I hoped. It was meant to make a few clear points. Read More
A statement to that make a pact to always love someone no matter the upcoming storms that lie ahead. That alone takes for an individual to fully be able to connect with their own spirit. Then can an individual fulfill that role as apart of their soul purpose in this… Read More
In this magnificent month of July, I've encountered such a beautiful spirit in my dreams quite a few times. Might I diagnose these visions, and find the highest truth in it all? That's solely up to us to bring that forth into fruition together, both hand in hand moving forward. Read More
The truth behind this smile, this energy, this mindset and these actions. They're inspired by the pain and beautiful lessons created by the divine. Chances made a champion, and that I will forever internalize. Read More
Diving deeper into a connection that literally lights up my spirits even when miles apart. This powerful connection brings about blessings of abundance in love, divinity, trust, integrity and much more. Helping each other find more life in living. This is a piece that hits close to home for me. Read More

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"I feel as though this is a good motivator and end goal for any spiritual aspirant. To be able to inspire and spread such an incredible amount of..." Read More

People often ask who specifically I'm talking about in each masterpiece. I often reply, "no one specifically." However, the truth behind all that I speak is a divine connection between me and my soulmates scattered across the universe. Read More
I'm in love with every part of your existence, beloved. You have a beautiful gift that has brought much peace to a lot of stars that shine just as bright as you. The admiration of everything you are is a beautiful feeling that I never want to lose sight of… Read More
The love of my eternity constantly reminds me of the beauty that lies within myself, and this amazing universe we inhabit together. There's not a soul, object or high that can exceed the love I have for you, my love. This is for us, my love. Read More
There you are again, shining brighter than ever in my dreams. Your presence is very strong as I am fulfilling daily duties, as you are adding the love which keeps my head lifted towards the Sun. You are love, I love you so much my child. Read More
“Love. What is love?” It’s an emotion that demands to be felt by others. What we don’t know is that it can do more damage than good in this world. The reference “follow your heart” is one that no one should follow. At least that’s what I should have done.… Read More
On our journey through life there comes an amazing connection of a friendship that feels closer than that of your family's. The heartwarming feeling of a true friend, who's prescence comes just as sudden as each breath you inhale. This amazing individual is one whome I refer to constantly as… Read More

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July 20, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

An anthology collection of my poems Read More

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July 10, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

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July 07, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Today I am not who I was yesterday. Today I'm living, and tomorrow I'm going to live forevermore. Read More
Have you truly found peace within yourself in order for you to continue on your journey with your head up high? I, myself have been in a state where I've put off canceling connections that bring me down. I've felt no means to improve the image I see in the… Read More
I, just like anyone else have been through some wild experiences shaping me into the leader I am today. However, some of my best moments in life occurred when in contact with my best friend. Literally one of the most amazing individuals I've come across. Read More
A blast to the past will send shivers down your spine when recollecting the moments of life, where you've found beauty in the chaos occurring around you. Read More
It's a pleasure to be in your prescence as you get me high with the love you spread. My mind is no longer foggy, as I know exactly what love feels, smells, taste like, looks like and sounds like. Thank you a million times more for being you. Read More
They say move on. Easier said than done. Read More
I've watched you walk a thousand miles in order to achieve goals that probably would've broke another individual down to their knees. Not everyone sees the weight you carry on your shoulders, but I recognize and will continuously assist in making sure you shine just as bright as the stars… Read More

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