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I no longer look both ways before crossing the street Read More
Just read it -its worth your time ;) Read More

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Raguel a warrior Angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of and he thought heaven's punishment for him is not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his path Elena was thrown into the world of the supernatural where secret and her true identity is revelead Read More
One of the greatest thing to do. My poem. Read More

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hi. it's short flash fiction that i wrote years ago in persian and now i translated it into english. hope you enjoy. Read More
It is true that you cannot make love a game. My poem. Read More
As far as I am concerned, though I reject the existence of God, I continue to confidently perform a lot of practices which may be classified as religious and with equal confidence do I accept their importance in my and numerous others' lives. I do this not to please someone… Read More
The NDE Near Death Experience is amazing, and so much more. Becasue we can now resuscitate people, "Heaven" has been forced to open the Gate. But we all still suffer. I propose and am now investigating how we can approximate and reproduce a common Near Death Experience, without the Death.… Read More
A poem about dealing with the death of a loved one who I did not get to say goodbye to due to Covid-19. In memory of Poppy. Best friend and most loyal dog in the world. Read More

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After a great War, the demons were cornered in and elves protected. Its been over 25 years since and there are rising concerns over demon activity in realms from which they were banished. It's not going to be easy for Cody, the only demon in 50 years to attend Royal… Read More
A poem about a young man reminiscing about his mom. Read More

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What happens when someone dies? What happens to their soul if they even have one? What if our world is just what it is because we decide to see it like that? What if the world isn't the world? Read More
Have you felt and tasted it? My poem. Read More
One day you will find out that it is true. My poem. Read More
You find yourself in your own personal Hell and begin asking yourself about the nature of consciousness; religion; existentialism; and self-image. Read More
Come fly away with me. Read More
A little all over the place, But has a good meaning behind it. Read More

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Rob committed suicide only to wake up in the real life. Read More
Who are you to me.? Read More
This refers to every single human being on earth. My poem. Read More

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February 10, 2020

It's the best thing there is. My poem. Read More
There is that ''True happiness'', but we have to find it. My poem. Read More
My True story. I entered into NaNoWriMo's competition this year - the challenge: 50,000 words in 30 days. I went wayyyy over. This novella is in no particular order, pieced together out of this or that bizarro memories, because the only thing which matters in NaNoWRiMo is WORD COUNT. No… Read More
I did not believe in God since my mother died when I was young. Years later, when my daughter died after a car accident and miraculously came back to life again, I was so happy. However, my daughter told me she was in heaven when she was dead. How would… Read More

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December 01, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

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An angel comes down to take the soul of a little girl to Heaven, only to find there has been a mistake in the Book of Destiny. Read More
I wrote this letter for my friend, who I lost more than 15 years ago Read More

Poem / Fantasy

October 27, 2019

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About sinning wisely Read More

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