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How do you capture a flitting glimpse of heaven? How do you lasso the moon so that it will always follow you and light your way? How do you forever feel and remember love that will outlast all of time? Read More
We are bombarded with the dos and don’ts of how to get to heaven and walk through Heaven’s Gate. We are lectured and pontificated to. We are groomed, tutored and prepared for an audience before the Master and Creator. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A flash fiction within hell as a short obscured story. Read More
"The few who are different are eliminated quickly enough by the police, by their mothers, their brothers, others; by themselves. All that's left is what you see." - Charles Bukowski Read More

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Peace is one of the hardest thing to get, but why don't we try? My poem. Read More
Did you ever wonder what Heaven was like? And what happens when we die? Do you want to go to heaven but not sure how? This book, radiates with resplendent glimpses of heaven, populated by angels and God himself. It gathers the choicest descriptions of the future home of the… Read More
I had this poem title for a long time, I knew I wanted to write it, I just couldn't find the words. I bet a lot of writers can relate, that eventually, the words find you. That is how it is with most of my lyrics, I wait patiently for… Read More

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February 15, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

A poetry about losing the loved one Read More
Basically, I was bored and was trying to see if I could write the opening for a gothic story. I'm not happy with it and decided that the internet should judge me Read More
Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection. Arthur Schopenhauer Read More

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December 21, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

What happens when someone dies? What happens to their soul if they even have one? What if our world is just what it is because we decide to see it like that? What if the world isn't the world? Read More

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December 08, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a chapter from a much longer compilation piece titled Heaven’s Hailstorm that follows the tale of the love of my life. Read More
I no longer look both ways before crossing the street Read More
Just read it -its worth your time ;) Read More

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Raguel a warrior Angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of and he thought heaven's punishment for him is not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his path Elena was thrown into the world of the supernatural where secret and her true identity is revelead Read More
One of the greatest thing to do. My poem. Read More

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hi. it's short flash fiction that i wrote years ago in persian and now i translated it into english. hope you enjoy. Read More
It is true that you cannot make love a game. My poem. Read More
As far as I am concerned, though I reject the existence of God, I continue to confidently perform a lot of practices which may be classified as religious and with equal confidence do I accept their importance in my and numerous others' lives. I do this not to please someone… Read More
The NDE Near Death Experience is amazing, and so much more. Becasue we can now resuscitate people, "Heaven" has been forced to open the Gate. But we all still suffer. I propose and am now investigating how we can approximate and reproduce a common Near Death Experience, without the Death.… Read More
A poem about dealing with the death of a loved one who I did not get to say goodbye to due to Covid-19. In memory of Poppy. Best friend and most loyal dog in the world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After a great War, the demons were cornered in and elves protected. Its been over 25 years since and there are rising concerns over demon activity in realms from which they were banished. It's not going to be easy for Cody, the only demon in 50 years to attend Royal… Read More
A poem about a young man reminiscing about his mom. Read More

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Have you felt and tasted it? My poem. Read More
One day you will find out that it is true. My poem. Read More
You find yourself in your own personal Hell and begin asking yourself about the nature of consciousness; religion; existentialism; and self-image. Read More
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