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There is nothing better then enjoying a rewarding read in the warmth of the sun. FLASH FICTION Read More

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Book / Mystery and Crime

November 24, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

The meeting wasn't supposed to go like this. Vivian "The Black Widow" Adruzzi had really hoped that he was lying. He couldn't know. She had hidden them away, not wanting her crew, her family, to fall victim to the ghosts of her past. And as she stood there, blood rolling… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Cover image: pixabay.com. Read More
These five group of men decide that they all want more profit as one would. The plan doesn't go accordingly but technically, it went just fine... Read More
A thief with an unusual ability runs into a complication during his latest heist. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A group of university students try their hand at armed robbery. It goes badly. Read More

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The CLOG House

A group of elderly bored aristocrats have taken to stealing rare and priceless items to pass the time. A young man named Richard gets swept up in their world when he gets engaged to the daughter of the dangerously unpredictable Lord Rochdale. Although Richard is not particularly comfortable with theft,… Read More
The future: clean-energy producing chromagems have replaced all other sources of power, allowing the mine-owning cabals to rule CityPlanet as an absolute oligarchy. Serving the Oligarch class are mute androids, "Friends," and a criminal class neural-implanted with NulCircuits that curb free will. Petty criminal Ron Waffle overrides his NulCircuit with… Read More

Tags: crime, future, robot, heist

This is a story about a group of criminals causing chaos in England. From heists, to murder to arson, nothing is out of the question. Though, the meat of the story is not the crimes the characters commit, but rather the characters and their relationships among themselves. Read More
Part 2 to one life down. Find out what happened to Emily and Fiona when they heard the words "heist" Read More
A women pulls and inside job Read More
This is a fan fiction based on the city of Los Santos from GTA 5. The basis of the story is the Pacific Standard Heist Read More
A small time thief sees the other side of things when he becomes one of the hostages during a bank heist. He is given a chance to fall in love, save lives and be a hero. That is, if he isn't hiding too many secrets of his own. Read More
Ren and Kem grew up together in a secluded village. One day a strange visitor sends their paths spiraling further and further apart and far away from their home village. Will the friendship of these young men survive in a torrent of magic, thievery and intrigue? Read More
In an old woman's worst nightmare, her daughter's boyfriend becomes trapped inside the building he's trying to rob. Her daughter, with no job and no money, doesn't know where her next meal and next month's rent will come from. At what length will she go to break out her skinny… Read More
The story of 3 friends as they plan and execute a heist in the fictional city of Palacio Muerte. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What would the world be like without electricity? David is an ordinary person with an ordinary life, so when he wakes up one morning with no electricity, he may not be able to handle it. Read More
When an intruder steps into Doctor Holt's house, he finds himself caught in a deadly game of Russian roulette. Read More
BASED ON TWO TRUE STORIES THAT INDICATE THAT HUMANITY NEEDS TO PUT DOWN THEIR CELLPHONES AND OBSERVE LIFE. The greatest art heist in history occurred with a SUCH precision and brilliant plan that has not been solved yet. THIS IS ONE CASE THAT HASN'T BEEN SOLVED BY THE FBI. Read More
Imagine the perfect crime the heist that stole all those diamonds from the airport in Amsterdam. A man whose life had been a series of screw-ups and failures finally makes good, or does he. This is a dirty story with sex and crime being featured. SO BEWARE OF BAD LANGUAGE… Read More
This is the sequel to the heist of a lifetime. This is a few years after our heist. We have lead regular lives until I showed up on Luke's doorstep broke and out of my job. Read More

Tags: humor, money, heist

This story is about me and my friends going on a bank heist. We wrote this one day during class. Read More

Tags: money, heist

Luck Gamble. I know, it sounds like the worst name ever. But Luck has a gift, he is blessed with the greatest luck ever. So naturally, someone with amazing luck would spend his time at the casinos! What could go wrong? ** Story #5 of my March Madness Story-a-day-challenge. This… Read More
A quiet town in Arizona. A bank heist and murder by wanted bandits. A mysterious stranger’s entry into the town. A crusade against the bandits begins. Read More
On Christmas Eve, a young man boards a plane to Las Vegas in order to commit a life-risking heist, but must come to terms with his past and future as he learns that the mysterious plane ride may be more life changing than the heist itself. Read More

Book / Thrillers

February 08, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Witness the emergence of the world's unlikeliest hero. Sye Remnant has the talent to be a top criminal, but not the desire. Living on the right side of the law has left him on the wrong side of the poverty line, his chances of succeeding in life as thin as… Read More
Are you ready? Let's begin. Read More
This is my entry to The Novelists comp. I had to include a ship called Boast Leader. I hope it is not to hard to read it's 'supposed' to be a cockney accent so if your not sure then and a 'h' to the beginning a 't' in in the… Read More
Eddy was the best of the best when it came to heists.He decided he'd do one final game and he'd walk away forever, unfortunaely someone has other plans. Read More

Tags: plan, revenge, steal, rob, heist

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