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After years of hiding, Jarek Helbourne is finally tracked down by King Edward Adrahsi, son of former King Mikael Adrahsi and brother to the deceased Prince Arvel Adrahsi. Jarek, expecting an immediate execution, is surprised when the King not only returns the blade that Jarek used to murder his brother,… Read More
The followup to "The Demise of Prince Arvel" finds Jarek Helbourne, about twenty years after he murdered Prince Arvel Adrahsi, tending his farmland when his son questions the scars that coat his body. Jarek, seeing that his son is old enough to know the truth, tells him all about that… Read More
Prince Arvel Adrahsi, a scoundrel born into royalty, meets his bloody demise at the hands of a man who once swore his soul to not only the preservation of the Seven Lands, but to protect the lives of the Adrahsi royal family. Read More
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