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I've noticed them, I know they're there. They aren't getting in. Read More
There's this girl I talk to, I can't quite describe it but there's just something about her. Read More
Sometimes there's only one cure for self esteem issues and I may have found a solution. Read More
There was nothing he could do, he just had to lie there and take it. Read More
There are some people who just don't understand the etiquette of cinema visits. Read More
Those cold hands will be the death of me. Read More
It was all too perfect. He was too perfect, and therein lies the problem. Read More

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The thing in the mirror was a disgusting sight, I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Read More
One small, quick movement and it was over. The intoxication was too much and I began to feel ill once again. Read More
There's nothing quite like a good cuddle with your favourite pet. Read More
They did always say that animals and children could see what adults couldn't. Read More
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