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The Booksie Classic House

If Alucard walked among us today, how would we react? Read More
Running is the only thing aside from fighting that Aiden and Anderson can do to escape two vampires... Read More
Integette's father has just died,and he can't bear it...Only a certain someone can help him to accept it.. Read More

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It's been years, and the Hellsing family has once again forgotten it's greatest weapons. Now, the darkness that once brought about the end of an era is rising, and with it two beings who have slumbered for far too long. Rated R for language and violence. Currently in progress. Read More
This is a fan-fic I'm currently writing on one of my favorite animes. Maybe you all would know it. It's called Hellsing. It's also intertwined with the storyline of Beauty and the Beast. Just an idea I'm trying out. Enjoy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alice falls asleep one day during class only to be rudely awakened by an ominous future that is far from fantasy dream lands... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a Hellsing Fan-Fic I hope that you enjoy it. please comment you guys arent talking to me. Read More

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