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Some nonsense about a bug Read More
A young singer and politics Read More
A little dig at unnecessary noise and motorbikes. Read More
I found an odd name on my tomato plant. Read More
a tongue in cheek look at wine. Read More
Algebra in a poem? Good luck. Read More
Even in a peaceful village, people find there are dark places with no escape. Read More
Kereru out native wood pigeon Read More
Government sometimes make changes that can be deemed 'social engineering'. Read More
Another ANZAC Day rolled around Read More
Just a quiet morning and reflection. Read More
Is it possible to bring an end to terrorism? Read More
The traditional, if obsolete, lolly-scramble reflects real life. Read More
The man I saw on television was a bit scary. Read More
Eight men own more wealth that the rest of us in total! Read More

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The Footsteps, yarns and little fibs House

Newly married Jane was in need of help. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

January 02, 2017

There are General Secretaries, Presidents and Prime Ministers but are there leaders? Read More
A lapse in basic firearm safety serves as a reminder and a sermon! Read More
A relationship ends but did it have a future anyway? Read More
Fun games can end up being not so funny! Read More

Essay / Memoir

November 11, 2016

Stimulated by a one hundred year old newspaper article. Read More
Traditional cultures retain the rite of passage, but modern society seems to have abandoned the idea. Read More
Firearms and the second amendment are a worry. Read More
Economies should tick along sustainably but there is water in the petrol! Read More
The enjoyment of history might have been spoiled by the school experience, but for some it is fascinating! Read More
Spring is something to celebrate especially if you happen to be interested in trees. Read More
Electronic device updates can be frustrating! Read More
Everyone has ability and value, for those who feel they have neither, hopefully you can be motivated. Read More
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