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January 17, 2020

This poem is about those people who don’t have superpowers yet they’re still considered heroes. Read More
Buy it here: https://gilbertzennerbooks.com/product/rogers-adventure-in-the-mine/ Naughty boy! Roger was strong and clever and the boss he is going to impress Sofia, his summer love! Read More
In a world where superheroes are a fact of life, and superpowers can be obtained by risky experiments or genetic manipulation. However justice doesn't pay the bills, so here collides capitalism with moral codes, all while a handful of civilians try to uncover the secret behind the original super serum Read More

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A mother asks her young son to write about his dream of being a major league baseball pitcher. This is the prologue for the recently released novel, Switch-Pitcher. Read More
When young martial artist, Jason Ming of Shanghai China fails to defend himself and his family, he ends up forced to learn the true meaning of "Killer Instinct." -This story is part of the Team Blue Universe (TBU)- Read More
Luka Water is the other Luka. Luka Water is usually more of a guardian than a hero. Here is a poetic telling of his life! Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 22, 2019

Centuries after the War of the Deities, the forces of Darkness rise forth once again and the call for a new Hero forces a destiny onto a young girl's shoulders. Will she answer the call? Or will the pressures be too great and force the kingdom to its knees? Read More
Over several years, Phawn used her arcane gifts to build a strong reputation as a paranormal investigator. That reputation was shattered five months ago when she nearly died trying to find a missing girl. Full of self-doubt, she is forced back to work when a good friend is murdered. Her… Read More
Jerry had a rough start, but that wouldn't define who he could be, and ultimately turned out to be. Read More

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A Facebook group I belong to does 500 word story challenges. While this story doesn't quite fit their needs, I thought I'd share it here. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I don't have the gene Read More

Tags: poetry, poem, hero, savior

Despite being a hero,his character was flawed. Read More

Tags: hero, beggar, flawed

Cantankerous, volatile artist Ed Pinellas - who sleeps by day and works all night - wows a small community and the nephew he vilifies. Read More
Daryl Jr. is an ordinary, normal 9th grade middle school kid. Unforeseen small events begin to occur which helps him to discover something about him self; he is not so ordinary after all. It all begins with a secret. What is this unique discovery that changes Daryl’s life forever? Follow… Read More

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Fara was the leader of the Fonos clan of the Order of Kahl, an underground society ruled by four clans until an accident that nearly killed her, and landed her in jail. Not only that, but someone has framed her by taking her signature X she sprays over her… Read More

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It's a short story about the last thoughts of a hero who defeated the demon king. Read More
Follow Amber, a girl who never really understood why she felt so out of place among her friends and family, get thrown into a new and completely different world, Wistaria. In a world filled with chaos, can Amber and her new found friends figure out why they were trapped? Who… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Never the one to get involved in a conflict, the only kind of fight Justin Thatcher has been in, is his battle with mental illness. He's only 21, but to him, the last 11 years have felt like a lifetime. At the very moment he's ready to accept defeat, a… Read More
He is Beautiful, He is a Hero, He is our Angel. He is dented into our hearts, and washed ashore in our tears. He is much more. Read More
Taking place after the events of The Crimson Dragon, Basil James finds himself head-locked in a battle against the Shadow Fang, a group bent on world domination and soon finds himself on a mission to collect the six elemental scrolls. However, what he doesn't realize is that he's going to… Read More
John stayed out of things until he didn't. Whoops! Read More
A short poem about someone/thing addictive. Read More

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January 17, 2019

Hero, a mysterious man who always dress in black, travel place to place and seem to stumble across events in right place and time. Read More
after a young boy by the name of james suffers an extremely tragic near-death experience as a result of an other-worldly object crashes onto his dad's car, he is abducted by the aliens and cured back into health in exchange to potentially become a soldier that could theoretically save or… Read More
It is my first full book i started about 12 years ago but im not a writer and life happens but its always been in my head to finish it. Sci-fi future setting a boy that is gifted has to learn his powers to stop an evil from taking the… Read More

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December 12, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The impact the celebrity world has on us. Read More
Hello and welcome to another exciting installment in Jack Frost and Fira. This weeks adventure involves Jack and Fira's friend, Gary. Or at least he was until now, when he's given some new clothes and starts moping the floors with the twins. Will they travail in defeating their once good… Read More
Here is a story I wrote in my Creative Writing class, enjoy! Read More

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