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(Shigaraki x OC) Sheijin Kei was absolutely honored to be working at under Bakugou Katsuki at his Dynamight Agency. They fit together like puzzle pieces, the way they could read each other. Bakugou was such a leader and Sheijin was honored to be a follower of his. But when Bakugou… Read More
It is hard to imagine a 20-year old kid from the Rio Grande Valley walking with and talking to an out-of-this world American hero. A hero who had been given ticker-tape parades in New York City and Washington, DC. In 1969, while serving in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam,… Read More

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a coming of age story about a group of teenagers with super human abilities. trial and hurdles are overcome in this family friendly tale.a story that everyone can take something from. Read More

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A story that takes place in the future. 3 young boys team up together to defeat an evil race called the Creepers. The boys are called Animuses. This story is sure to keep you entertained Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Discovering the hero within you in a simple train journey I am about to share with you. Read More

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Photo by Doug Greenman on Unsplash Helping someone in need. Read More
Jett, a college student and secret superhero, has to face problems both on the job and in his daily life. Hopefully these problems don't get the best of him. TW: Gore, violence, and death. I actually was inspired to write this from a tumblr post, but I can't find the… Read More

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Book / Fantasy

November 03, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

one girl was missing after her accident,nobody found her dead body, everyone thought she was kidnapped but after 3 days suddenly her parents saw the girl outside their house,lying on the floor senselessly. after she gained her conscious she was like a completely new person. things were difficult for her,after… Read More
Hey,Bots happy dead day. Watever Read More

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Taking place after the events of The Crimson Dragon, Basil James finds himself head-locked in a battle against the Shadow Fang, a group bent on world domination and soon finds himself on a mission to collect the six elemental scrolls. However, what he doesn't realize is that he's going to… Read More
Hey Bots..really reluctant these days..the words just never stop coming. Read More

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Short Story / Romance

September 23, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

When Luna arrives at her favorite coffee shop, she is not expecting to meet a man who claims to know her and who harbors an unexpected and peculiar secret. Read More

Poem / Mystery and Crime

September 19, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Lifestyle of a hero Read More

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how does a single mom who is queen raise her prince to become King of the Krayzee's? Read More
Heros aren't born they're made. A saying as true as time it's self. But for some reason humanity believes differently, or so it would seem. Our watcher Gaxton Dukaos may have came from a race of eternal beings, but soon will find out that sometimes just being natural endowed with… Read More

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a poem for 2020 about my wife. Read More
Agents of SHIELD and Percy Jackson crossover- Robin Hinton, a young Inhuman girl who has the power to tell the future, tells Daisy Johnson of a disaster that could destroy the world for good. Robin tells Daisy that the only way to prevent this is to secure an alliance with… Read More
Cilia Jewel is an average 16 sixteen year old girl- except for the fact that she lives in a magical realm inside the Earth's mantle, of course. Cilia's world, located in the middle of the Earth, is ruled by immortal beings called spirits, who help keep peace in this world.… Read More
A world where villains are sent hero’s too young to be fighting. Read More
One boy.The Last Dragon. The man who is out for Dragon-Tamers and Dragons alike. Who will be the beaten foe in the End? Read More
When I note this definition how an ordinary person views the commandments of history, I feel obliged to express my thoughts on it. Please do review everything so far. Read More

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The world has changed drastically with the introduction of powers yet mirrors harsh realities present in our society today. Lucas has to live in this world, not knowing what will occur day by day in his life. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

April 17, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Peter an unsuspecting kid is dragged into a war between worlds, he must find his destiny and put a stop to the destruction of all life on earth. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 06, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

It was mother's day few weeks ago and I knew I had to do something for my mommy , so I wanted to share with you the poem I wrote for her :) Read More

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For one-hundred and seventy two years the Devil has been in hiding. Tucked away between each and every star and galaxy, never to be found... until today. His father has discovered him in hiding on Earth and requests his return Hell, but he soon finds it difficult to strike a… Read More

Poem / Other

January 17, 2020

This poem is about those people who don’t have superpowers yet they’re still considered heroes. Read More
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